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We have to be honest with ourselves, there isn’t much hope that David Attenborough will ever choose to narrate our very own life documentary. We could whittle away the hours by bitterly grumbling about how much more we can offer when compared to penguins, however, we could also simply make our own humble story know with KnowMe.

KnowMe is a new app that allows users to combine all their videos of drunken nights out and the odd photo of a over-friendly dog into a simple story, complete with personal narration. It provides an opportunity for users to send concise collections of life events, tutorials or even an accusatory conspiracy theory to family and friends without falling into the endless nightmare that is ‘proper’ video editing.

To help create something that hold the attention span of a begrudging family audience, you can even include tracks that come with the app or are stored on your phone, adding a cinematic vibe the the whole thing. Although our previous experiments with combing the soviet national anthem to a christening produced some emotionally troubling results.

Once a masterpiece has been finished, and the final Tarantino-esque touches have been added to that weekend in Bognor Regis, you can make it publicly available for the whole world to see. Or, if you are less confident about your artistic credibility, everything can be kept private and your genius will remain for your eyes only.

KnowMe is free, fun and available on the App store right now for iOS. Give it a whirl and let those creative juices flow, so long as your creativity doesn’t lead down Richard Dadd styled dark paths. Seriously though, avoid that.


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