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REVIEW: Furi Image: The Game Bakers

Hey, do you like Afro Samurai? Do you like stylish boss encounters? Do you like really, really hard games? Furi wants a word.

Furi is a game all about boss fights, so much so that it’s all you ever do. Kill 9 mighty badasses, swing a sword/laser combo and do your best not to die. Don’t expect too much story here, it gives you enough motivation to get your murder on, but not too much as to slow down the action.

Others have compared the progression of the game to be in a very similar style to Punch Out, and this is hardly incorrect. As you fight a selection of stylish bosses they begin to change their attack patterns, breaking that comfort zone that develops as you learn what a tough enemy is bringing to the game. Each stage is represented by pips below an ominous life bar, giving a clear indication as to when you have moved on to the next stage. You too have this addition, but it doesn’t effect they way your own combat styling play out. It is there to remind you how horrifyingly close your are to a violent defeat.

So how do you go about winning out against some seriously hardcore killers? You attack, you shoot, you dodge and you parry. And that’s about it. It keeps things simple to make sure you never feel overwhelmed with options, more akin to Dark Souls than Devil May Cry, but executing every move with dazzling flair and style. We mentioned Afro Samurai and that isn’t without reason, the games art style and attitude is directly stripped from the show, making the whole affair a mix of old and new. It works out really well, and is enhanced by a thumping synth soundtrack unique for each boss.

There is an element of bullet hell shooting here as well, as large orbs of deadly, deadly energy is usually filling the screen. Tactical movements and caution is the name of the game here, establishing a tense rhythm which, if broken, quickly devolves into a humiliating defeat.

Furi is always close to becoming frustrating, especially nearer the end when the kiddie gloves are well and truly removed to bring a glorious smack down up you. But it avoids the sin that many hard games commit by keeping everything fair. Yeah the bosses hit harder, they have more attacks and do way more damage, but you can tell whats coming an when. It falls to the player to work out what needs to be done and how to actually pull it off.

Some may accuse Furi of being shallow and a little short, but each stage is filled with complex combat puzzles, a wonderful engrossing world to dive deep into and an addictive score attack meta game. You won’t be playing it for years to come (unless you are rubbish at it) but it will eat any plans you had for the weekend.

If boss battles and a challenge aren’t your thing look elsewhere, but those who are after some epic fights to the death will be right at home within the brutal, lighting fast world of Furi.


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