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REVIEW: Inside

REVIEW: Inside Image: Playdead overnight Soma order Inside will make you sick to your stomach. Not with the violent imagery, or horrifying visual splendor, but with what it leaves up to your own mind. Developer Playdead pulled off the same evocative game style with 2010’s Limbo, which if you haven’t played yet you are making a mistake. Soma No Prior Script Overnight When it comes to reviewing a game that is all about surprise, we have to tread very carefully, as revealing the mysteries to be found in this short but scarring 2D sidescroller would absolutely ruin everything it has going for it.

But it needs to be said, Inside isn’t a game that sells itself on being indie, it sells itself on getting ‘inside’ your head (sorry). The grim message it passes on is not obvious or aggressive, and it just wants you to explore and find out some pretty nasty things.

Inside is very simple. Walk a lost child through a world on a 2D plane and solve puzzles. Got it? That is what you will spend most of your time doing, broken up with some heart pounding chases and unpleasantly brutal deaths. While puzzles and sidescrollers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it is worth your while to forgo your apprehensions, because everything serves the story more than it does hold back the gameplay.

Puzzles often give you a task which is vague, but very often turns out to require something wholly disturbing to pass through, all while giving you small insights into the world.

The world is what you are here to see, but like we said, this isn’t a game to be spoiled. What we will say is that you will not expect where it goes, what you will see or why. The world is beautiful and putrid, with subdued colors and contrast that enhance Inside’s overbearingly depressing setting. The camera is perfectly handled, knowing what to show and what to hide, enhancing the sense of uncertainty every step burst with.

Your character feels significantly less in your control than you would find in other sidescrollers, but precision platforming is not the point here. The child is clumsy, frightened and by no means a fighter, and the game will take away control for a split second as he stumbles and falls around the world. It adds great tension and characterization that make the player painfully vulnerable, and it is wonderful.

Inside sticks with you, going straight for the jugular and never letting go. The short time to completion may be a turn off for some, but it feels like a perfect length before it overstays its welcome. What you have with Inside is evidence of supreme skill on its developers, who understand exactly what is needed to achieve their own goals. It displays a quality and confidence that goes so heavily against the trends of AAA gaming, that while it doesn’t push an indie agenda down your throat, it stands as evidence of how great the gaming market can be if people take big risks.


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