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Hands-on Review: Skagen Hagen Connected

Hands-on Review: Skagen Hagen Connected

We all like to look our best, something which the often insanely over-designed look of contemporary smartwatches can drastically hold back. But Skagen are the types of guys who understand that functionality doesn’t necessarily have to hurt aesthetics.

The Hagen Connected can easily pass as your average stylish, yet minimalists timepiece, but hidden within the device is the ability to track your daily activity and much, much more.

Lacking a digital display means that Skagen had to come up with some rather unique ways of displaying the complex information involved in fitness tracking and general day to day usage. Once connected to a smartphone, the watch will vibrate to notify you of an email, call or text, but it also offers a range of excellent custom settings to enhance the experience.

The dial can be instructed to point to specific combinations of numbers to define a host of different criteria, including who is contacting you and how. It can take some getting used to due to how subtle the whole experience is, but once you happily naturalize the methodology of the affair it becomes a very comfortable and non-intrusive way to keep an eye on your information.

There are a number of extra features that are greatly appreciated, such as automatic time zone updates, remote photography and music controls and a host of other useful settings.

With a substantial battery, estimated to last around six months of usages before a recharge is required, the Hagen Connected is looking to be a very special addition to the smartphone market. But with quality comes a cost, that being a whole £185 when it hits shelves later this month. While you will be forking out a lot more than similar smartwatches on the market, the extra asking price comes from a very thoughtful and attractive design.

It may not be the most advanced fitness tracker out there, but looks and ease of usage count for a great deal here. We can see the Hagen Connected become the perfect gentleman smartwatch if it holds up to frequent usage.

With strong competition at a cheaper price, it might have a hard time appealing to the mass market, but don’t overlook it simply because of the price, as there is a great deal to love here.


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