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REVIEW: Moto Z Force

REVIEW: Moto Z Force

Assemble all ninja fighters, all monster slayers, all badass rude dudes; ASSEMBLE Z FORCE!

Oh wait…Moto Z Force, that makes a bit more sense.

So Motorola has just launched their new series of smartphones and everyone has been getting all excited about it. The awesomely named Z Force is one of the new Droid Edition phones, a flagship smartphone with a lot of extra Oomph wrapped up in a tidy, functional design. It’s a phone that doesn’t hold back on the build quality, incorporating a shatter proof screen and far more into what could be mistaken as a simple upgrade to Moto’s basic designs. And we love it.

The Moto Z Force is hardly fresh in terms of how it looks, but that could be said of every smartphone launch of the past 5 years. But the high quality glass and stainless steel design certainly won’t turn anyone off from using it. It features a front facing camera, finger print sensors and more additions you would expect from a smartphone of this price range, so nothing is missing here.

A nice addition is a straight forward proximity sensor that allows you to wave your hand in front of the device to check information such as the time and recent notifications. We want more completely pointless but snazzy features like this for all phones, as it makes us giggle like a maniac every time we unleash the magic touch that resurrects our slumbering phone.

Bizzare and sad fantasies aside, the only downside is a protruding camera that feels slightly awkward in the hand, but not enough to be a contestant annoyance.

One of the most interesting additions is the inclusion of Moto Mods, a series of extraneous additions that come from partnered companies, which allow you to snap various performance enhancing tools onto your phone. This include speakers, batteries and more, which is a great addition to the device and boost the longevity drastically. Hell, you can even turn the damn thing into a projector; 2016 everybody!

When using the Z Force, you will instantly notice the stunning screen, which pops with sharpness and an impressive HDR color palette. Thank god for that anti-shatter glass, as this is a screen you’ll want to keep safe. The screen is pretty big, a 5.5 inches in height, so some might find it a little big for causal day to day use, depending on if you suffer from terminal baby hand syndrome like we do.

The Z Force is a powerful device, including 4GB of RAM and 32GB or 64GB options. We tested the 64GB model for our purposes, and got a great deal of use with the default Android 6.0 marshmallow OS. It runs extremely well in practice (likely even more so when the Andriod 7.0 update drops). Resource intensive games, streaming and more ran without a single hitch, and it can keep multiple tabs open with stalling on you. There is a lot to love here.

And the camera, dear lord the camera. This is by far one of the best camera we’ve ever had the pleasure to use on a smartphone. 1080p 60FPS and 4K 30FPS video functionality, Pro shooting modes and a few extra addition make taking pics and capturing other media a breeze.

Overall, the Z Force is a dream come true, and Motorola should be commended for their efforts. At around £400, you can expect every penny spent to be worth it, thanks to a superbly powerful device, solid camera and general all round goodness. If you need an uprade, we won’t forgive you for missing this one out. Seriously, we are vengeful people.


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