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Tech of the Week: Robomow RS612

Tech of the Week: Robomow RS612

We cannot describe how dangerously hyped we are to talk about the Robomow RS612, the personal Terminator exterminator of your overgrown and disobedient lawn.

We’ve all been waiting for the day when robots are able to handle basic, childish tasks, just so we can avoid them forever, and that time is officially now. First however, understand that the Robomow is by no means perfect, nor is it cheap, but the joy of seeing this little sucker blasting around your lawn at a snails pace with very little coercion is just a joy to behold.

Once you’ve put down around £1,599 for your own personal gardening droid, there is a bit of legwork involved to get started. The first step is setting up a perimeter fence that the Robomow won’t exceed, but be careful, as the little critter doesn’t handle difficult terrain very well. Treat the Robomow as a maintenance tool, not as an emergency service.

You will also need to set up a recharging station at the edge of your yard for the mower to refuel, and during the charging cycle it requires a four digit pin entry to unlock without causing a frustrated sequence of beeps to begin. This is an anti theft feature that makes the device weirdly adorable somehow.

Once a 24 hour charge cycle is completed, you can set the device to auto, where it will venture off to ensure your lawn looks the best it can. It is hard not to burst into tears and salute the Robomow as it marches out onto a very personal crusade, a symbol of the aggressive acceleration of mankind’s technological demands. The future is bright after all.

If you don’t trust the Robomow not to turn on you in the middle of the night and suddenly begin mulching your entire family, the whole process can be controlled through a very cool app which give you access to direct control and information about mowing cycles.

So, we’ve established that the Robomow is awesome, but is it something you can justify owning?

It is simple to determine if the Robomow is right for you. Do you have a lawn that needs mowing? Are you crippled by lethargy in the extreme? Do you enjoy laughing manically as an automated drone scorches the earth into a tidy, aesthetically perfect state?

Yes?! Of course you said yes, of course you are jamming money into the USB ports waiting for your very own bloodthirsty machine to save you from the mundane nature of house work. God, we are too excited about the Robomow.


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