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Tech of the Week: Xbox One S

Tech of the Week: Xbox One S

The latest console generation has unfortunately been an underwhelming one by all accounts, but the guys behind the gear seem to be going out of their way to make amends for this by steadily improving the core experience. Get your wallets ready, the new consoles are coming.

The Xbox One S is the first of the new efforts to improve the console gaming experience, and it both brings new stuff to the table while taking out some extraneous and frankly hard to miss features. What you get is the best version of the Xbox One available, if it doesn’t exactly stray to far from the original formula.

While the hardware is near identical to initial release, you will get access to better color ranges thanks the inclusion of HDR rendering and 4K capabilities. You also get a brand new, slimmer design, missing only a standard port for Kinect, which has seemingly been officially deemed a lost cause at this point. Don’t expect any other color than white however, as that is the only choice currently on offer.

But 4K is the money maker here, and it makes a very solid impression, if you have a 4K television that is. Televisions and movies enjoy the best improvements, looking vastly superior to anything we have watch on a original Xbox One in the past, but without any serious buffering issues added on. The gaming side of things is slightly less impressive, but still a significant improvement. You won’t be getting true 4K gaming here, but instead an upscaled rendering of the default output, which still looks great if you have a television to support it. Mixed with the new HDR color rending, you are in for a visual treat should you drop the  funds.

The Xbox One S is certainly a drastic improvement, making it the best console choice on the market currently, until the Playstation Neo challenges it that is. It is a very noticeable upgrade that goes beyond simply reducing the size of the package. The choice to upgrade comes down to personal preference however, a some may see the removal of Kinect and the buffed up price tag not worth the vanity additions. But if you are on the lookout for a new console, this is a no-brainer, the Xbox One S is for you.


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