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Tech of the Week: Xiaomi Yeelight

Tech of the Week: Xiaomi Yeelight

Who doesn’t love the warm, inviting glow of a bedside light. But even better is one that has one of the most important additions in any tech of 2016:


The Xiaomi Yeelight is packed full of odd little tricks that you wouldn’t usually expect from a bedside light, but the stupid name should indicate that there is more going on here than meets the eye. That seems to be a trend in the tech industry these days.

Built with a surprisingly sturdy hard plastic case, the Yeelight comes with a host of customization options, allowing users to adapt brightness, color and more on the fly. Better still is that the Yeelight can be controlled wirelessly via a Bluetooth smartphone, so now our enormous, lazy arses don’t even have to move from our crusty, filth stained beds. The future is glorious indeed.

But you may want to stay your hand around that Bluetooth flexibility, as controlling the settings manually is a bunch of fun. On the top of the device is two buttons, one for power and one for various pre-set color modes. Where the fun comes in is the inclusion of a touch sensitive strip that allows you to glide your finger around the rim of the lamp (saucy) to cycle through a number of color and brightness setting like the worlds worst DJ.

The accompanying app is flashy and easy to use with a touchscreen, even allowing you to set time scheduling and give the damn thing a name. This is a light for massive dorks and terminal show offs, which is why we quickly picked up over 150 of them. Totally worth the second mortgage.

The biggest flaw? The whole damn thing is in Chinese. That means using the app or reading the instructions will be accompanied with frenzied use of Google’s translating tools, which can lead to some serious communication problems. Thankfully, there are a number of guides on Youtube to help you through the baby steps.

The Yeelamp is hardly a casual purchase, running up to £60 per device, but what it lacks in cost effectiveness it makes up in awesomeness. So if you are looking to brighten up a room and burn some cash, the Yeelamp is waiting.

Just take a few classes in Chinese beforehand.


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