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Dark Souls adorably brutal mobile game is out now

Dark Souls adorably brutal mobile game is out now

Dark Souls is a series all about humility and suffering, where every player is taught that sometimes ‘fun’ needs to be something to strive towards and not handed out haphazardly. Soon we’ll all be getting our hands on the latest entry in the series, Dark Souls 3, but to pass the weeks of anxious waiting, Bandai Namco and Gamespot have offered something to tide you over.

That tiny piece of vicious time wasting fun is Slashy Souls, a cool little 16-bit twist on the traditionally brutal games of the past. Taking a long hard look back at the series roots (predominately Castlevania), Slashy Souls is a side scrolling adventure based in the Dark Souls universe wherein your adorable little knight gets horrifically slaughtered by violent god monsters from the pits of hell.

Players will travel a world full of nasty traps, deadly bosses and a serious case of video game induced PTSD, as is the tradition. To help you on the difficult path to the end zone (or more likely, continued unremitting DEATH!) there will be mighty special weapons and gloriously overpowered spells to collect.

So far it seems that the game will be separate to the story of the previous games, but will include many familiar sights, such as the return of the skeleton loving lord of death, Gravelord Nito. Neat…o?

Sadly it has been reported that the real difficulty of the game is not due to devious level design of tricky enemies, but the fact that it isn’t terribly good. A number of gaming sites have reported that the controls are not exactly refined, there is little of the charm of the original series and that it simply lacks anything that would keep it interesting for very long.

That said, it is free, with no nasty micro-transaction nonsense to be found, so we recommend giving it a go. At the very least it should stop the over-eager fans from deciding the wait is too much, and donning cardboard armour to fight bears at the zoo. We just hope they remember to dodge properly.

Dark Souls 3, incidentally, will be available on Xbox One, PS3 and PC starting April 12, 2016.


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