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Dear lord, there’s a lot of people playing League of Legends

Dear lord, there’s a lot of people playing League of Legends

MOBAs are baffling, simply baffling. Somehow stupid amounts of gamers are spending their precious free time sending tiny little characters to murder each other, whilst spewing baffling lingo and refusing to explain the rules of the game. But did you know that around 1% of the entire population of the world is playing League of Legends each month? God dammit people, what are we missing here!

The statistics behind the video game crack that is League of Legends comes courtesy of Polygon, during an interview with Riot Games co-founders Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck. Riot estimates that over 100 million players are getting their MOBA on in one of the largest gaming frenzies in the history of gaming. We haven’t seen this kind of madness since the original release of DOOM, which single-handedly ruined productivity across the entire western world upon its release.

The weirdest part? This is a massive increase of over 30 million players since 2014. To give you some kind of comparison, Dota 2, the biggest competitor to LoL’s despotic iron throne of gaming only rakes in a meagre 13 million unique players each month. That’s a whole lotta nerds.

MOBAs have exploded over the last few years, seemingly exponentially, but LoL‘s international presence has certainly helped to keep it in full of players. In terms of the intense MOBA tournaments that found enormous success around the globe, Dota 2 has been attempting to win back some favour with huge prize pools, which this year offered over $20 million to winners of The International 2016 competition.

The total viewer count for the LoL world championship final reached up to 334 million, a record breaking triumph for the viewership of Esports. Who says you have to be in shape to be a sporting legend. You can’t imagine those statistics until you see it for yourself, according to Brandon Beck:

“The coolest thing is actually when we’re at the live events and get to meet fans face to face. Only then does it start to feel real. Otherwise, they’re just numbers on a screen all over the world.”

So prepare to slowly be assimilated by tyrannical forward march of LoL in the coming future.

But seriously, what the hell is a MOBA?


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