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More Duke Nukem is on the way

More Duke Nukem is on the way

He’s back to release disappointing sequels and kick ass, and he might finally be all out of disappointing sequels.

Gearbox Software has announced that Duke Nukem 3D will be returning with a 20th anniversary edition, featuring a brand new episode with 8 extra levels created by the original team.

Players will be able to switch between classic and updated graphics, all while enjoying brand new soundtracks from the original sound designer and Duke himself; Jon St. John. As a little added extra, you will be able to listen to a fully featured in game commentary from the guys who worked on the game in the first place. We’re sure it’ll contain numerous helpful baking tips and abstinence guidelines for the good Christian in all of us.

Duke Nukem 3D was a really big deal back in the day, mostly for awesome visuals and tons of interactables in the world to play with. Duke is a big, macho, lovable, scumbag with a love of cigars, strippers and murdering alien invaders

Duke has been hidden away from the public eye for a little while, after one of the longest development cycles in the history of gaming ended up with the sub-par shooter Duke Nukem: Forever. A game so universally reviled that it threatened to ensure poor old Duke would never be able to swing it with the gaming market ever again. But it seems you can’t keep a good Duke down after all.

Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour will be out October 11 for PC, Xbox One and PS4 for £14.99.

More Duke is always good Duke. Unless it sucks.


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