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E3 roundup: Microsoft

E3 roundup: Microsoft Image: The Coalition

And the big boys come out to play! Microsoft took the stage to reveal what they will be up to in the coming years, and a lot of it was very interesting indeed.

With so much to talk about and Sony still to go, we’ll try and keep this a brief as possible. Here we go!


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We’ll be getting a new Xbox One console, if 40% smaller. The Xbox One S will feature HDR visuals, 4K gaming and Blue-ray support as well as being teeny tiny. It will hit store shelves in August for around £349 depending on which version you go for.

More importantly, the ominiously named Project Scorpio was revealed. A new console coming next year, Scorpio will bring with it true 4K gaming, six teraflops of power and compatibility with all games for both the Xbox One and Xbox One S. Exciting stuff!


Gears of War 4

Shooting, blood and guts, chainsaws. Yes, this is indeed Gears of War back in the flesh. We were treated to an extensive gameplay demo with co-op action and clever set pieces that combined bombastic weather and big explosions. Also, grumpy drunken dad Marcus Fenix, hooray!

Horde Mode 3.0 will be on the way, with cross platform play with PC gamers who own Windows 10.


Sea of Thieves

Hey everyone, Rare is back! In a new pirate themed multiplayer experience taking inspiration from games like Day Z and Rust, Sea of Thieves will give players the tools to get their sea legs and battleshipping on.

In a demo that showed a bunch of players doing their best to mimic every Youtuber around, we saw fun looking sea battles, grog drinking and even a few betrayals.



In Platinum Game’s latest dragon battling character action game, we saw a huge boss fight with 4 co-op partners. Players all had their own varieties of monsters to get fighty with and a bunch of magical abilities to turn the battle in their favor. It all looks very Devil May Cry up in here.

It was a little janky, truth be told, but you can never accuse Platinum of not overcoming their faults with pure unmitigated fun.



We got very small look at Keiji Inafune’s new robot themed shooter, Recore. Players will get their hands on robot bodies which can be ‘cored’ and made to fight on your side against a bunch of cybernetic nasties.


Final Fantasy XV

More Final Fanasty made the crowd happy, showing off a boss battle with a huge, and hugely angry, monster.

We saw lots of action, characters flipping around and somehow maintaining perfectly dashing hair and a big anime finish. But people have voiced mixed opinions of the demo so far, mostly due to a lot of clumsiness on display. Maybe choosing a fight not very representative of the overall game was not the best idea.


Dead Rising 4

Frank is back and looking a whole lot less schlubby than he has before. Clearly fighting off zombie hordes is good for your figure after all.

The new game will be set around a Christmas outbreak, with Frank returning to win back his fans after they forget he even exists. Expect lots of zombie smashing fun with a host of deadly toys to play with.


Forza Horizon 3

Cars! In the tropics! CARS!

Forza Horizon 3, the third game in the open world racing series will soon be in everyone’s hands, complete with drop in co-op and multiplayer additions.


Halo Wars 2

The Halo world will be getting another strategy title next year by Creative Assembly, complete with base building, mobbing enemies and huge battlefields to ruin.

There is currently a multiplayer beta running until the 20th of this month, so get it while you can!



Hell yes, we want us some Gwent. No we aren’t kidding, Gwent was a shocking highlight of The Witcher 3, and now it will be getting it’s own full game!

With the same great gameplay and new visual and roster updates, we’ll be very excited when we can waste the next 4 years playing this virtual card game from CD Projekt Red.


State of Decay 2 

The overwhelmingly popular State of Decay will be releasing a full blown sequel next year. With a persistent, shared world and 4 player co-op, this will be a bigger, bloodier experience this time around.

Not too much info on this one other than a short trailer and a few odd comments from staff, but if it comes close to how much fun the first was we’ll be very happy indeed.



Minecraft will be getting mobile/PC cross play and VR support later this year. Xbox owners will soon get access to cross play as well, so no one will be left out. Unless you have a PS4 that is.



From the creators of the moody black and white side scroller Limbo, comes Inside. The game promises to live up to its excellent predecessor and will be available later this month.

Limbo will also be free for a short time, and we recommend you go grab it as soon as you can.


Tekken 7

Bandai Namco revealed the new fighter for Xbox One and PC, coming out early next year.

Heihachi and Akuma duked it out in a stage demo that quickly swapped between cutscene and gameplay. It was also reveal that Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be free for all Xbox Gold members.


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