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E3 roundup: Sony

E3 roundup: Sony Image: Sony

There are many people arguing who ‘won’ this years E3, but Sony has made an excellent claim to the title with a thrilling presentation. It stripped down the business mumbo jumbo and just kept the entire flow focused on games, sweet, glorious games.

Here are the most important announcements you need to know about.


God of War

Everyone knew this was coming, but no one expected the game to be so…not God of War. This time Kratos, sporting a dashing beard and axe, will take on the world of Norse mythology while looking after a mysterious child.

The gameplay has been slowed down to enhance the tension, and the game will be far more narrative based that we may have seen before. Usually this is where we would start complaining, but it is a brilliant move that has re-ignited the public’s interest in the franchise.


Death Stranding

Kojima is a crazy man with an axe to grind. Nothing proves this more than his first independantly developed game reaveled through a short and nuts trailer during Sony’s conferance.

The game will star Norman Reedus, who has given birth, lost the child who is now goo/ a ghost and fishes are dead. What the hell is going on.


The Last Guardian

Don’t worry everyone, it’s still coming out, and this time we can prove it. For a game that was so close to being canned, we can’t believe The Last Guardian will actually be coming out October 25.

You can check out the new trailer, which will likely ruin any animal lovers day.


Final Fantasy XV

More pompadours, flying cars and anime tropes abound. FFXV was all over this year’s show, but Sony gave us the added news that the game will have its very own VR spin off where players can play as Prompto.


Horizon: Zero Dawn

This one is looking even more awesome every time we catch a glimpse of it. Robot dinosaurs and techno tribal nomads fought it out in an extensive demo that brought to light some of the bigger plot points, like a corruption that is turning robo-nature hyper hostile.

Mysteries, character upgrades and lots of titanic clashes are abound.


Detroit: Become Human

Make choices, screw up and get blasted in the face by psychotic androids in Quantic Dream’ newest PlayStation experience. Players will be able to approach situations in a ludicrously open way, setting right a world that juggles existential mind benders and lots of bad decisions on the part of the player.


Resident Evil VII

In another big shock, it was revealed that the next Resident Evil game will be entirely in first person, going back to the survival horror roots.

It seems to be taking a hell of a lot of inspiration from Kojima’s Silent Hill experimental game, P.T, which was cancelled after some internal disputes that lead the famed developer to leave the company. We’re sure that there is a great deal of politics involved that we won’t get into, but the game is looking very intriguing.

There is currently a demo out (just like P.T had, funny that) which PS4 owners can try out.


Days Gone

Motorbikes, huge hordes of zombies and a grim tone sets the stage for the reveal of Sony’s latest new IP. Days Gone is a biker themed undead survival game where hordes of flesh eating creatures swarm at you in huge lashing waves similar to what was seen in the movie adaptation of The War Z.

The lead character will be played by Sam Wittwer, who you may know better as Star Killer. Good for him.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

We eventually got to a cool looking sci-fi space shooter, full of capital ship combat and multi path mission objectives.

Oh, wait, THAT was the new Call of Duty? Well okay then.

We also got to see a little more of the greatly anticipated Modern Warfare Remastered in a short snippet of gameplay footage.



So Insomniac, the devs behind the Ratchet and Clank series, will be making a new Spiderman game for Sony. We are being promised a whole new story with an older and wiser Peter Parker who knows how to get the best of his foes in a scuffle.


PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR will release October 13 of this year and will cost around £250. There will be 50 launch titles including a Battlefront X-Wing game, a Batman Arkham standalone experience and a new title called Farpoint.


Crash Bandicoot

While the loveable git won’t be getting a new game just yet, he will be starring in Skylanders Imaginators and getting old games remastered for PS4.


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