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Fallout 4 leaks leave fans underwhelmed

Fallout 4 leaks leave fans underwhelmed

Fallout 4 is almost upon us, but a few lucky individuals have got their hands on early copies. And you know what that means; a wealth of unauthorized leaks. A veritable tide of footage, screenshots and previously undisclosed information hit numerous image boards and forums, but fans haven’t responded well to what they’ve seen.

It’s important to note that the majority of complaints are associated with the graphical features of Fallout 4, with character animation looking as wooden as a solid oak dining table and textures that appear muddy. Glitches such as the canine companion Dogmeat gracefully flinging himself off a tall building and characters becoming stuck in the environment have also been met with annoyance from the community. Here you can see a few such responses from the Reddit thread:

“The facial animations are especially disappointing… seems like most faces don’t animate very much/very well except for the mouth.”


“I was REALLY hoping this time around Bethesda would seriously get with modern times and upgrade the animation/art quality, but it all looks dismal. Art direction wise, the game looks great, but technically damn is it ugly.”


“That ******* dog just casually walks away on fire. And in the start of the sequence he’s just blocking the doorway for you while you’re trying to get shots in.”

Bethesda has in the past been accused of not learning from it’s mistakes; animation quality and graphical woes are a common critique of the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. Dogmeat’s laid-back approach to immolation is a long standing issue that has seemingly gone unaddressed.

Further concerns reference the new dialogue system. According to the whistleblower the new wheel system causes players to miss out on important information as there is no option to go back and select other responses.


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Classic vehicles and locations make a return

But worry not Fallout lovers, the unnamed individual leaking information has commented that the gameplay has been vastly improved. The footage show a dynamic flow to the action and thankfully is distanced from the clunky combat of the past entries, which was more akin to a drunken scuffle between two brick walls.

The latest leaks from Fallout 4’s premature unveiling includes that weapon condition no longer deteriorates, power armour requires limited fusion cores to use and no hardcore mode is currently available for sadistically inclined gamers.

With Bethesda’s marketing campaign for Fallout acting shockingly coy about showing off gameplay, it seems they may have fallen afoul of their own hype generation.

Fallout 4 launches November 10th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.




2 responses to “Fallout 4 leaks leave fans underwhelmed”

  1. Shakenbake80 says:

    This isn't news to anyone who's ever played a Bethesda game.

  2. Profile photo of benblack benblack says:

    Quite true about Fallout 4. It is definitely not what the fans were expecting.

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