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Frozen friends: Wasteland 3 annouced

Frozen friends: Wasteland 3 annouced

A long time ago, before the name Fallout was ever heard whispered in the annuls of gaming history, there was Wasteland. A series so legendary that despite years and years of post release obscurity, there were those who dreamt of the day it would return to its loving followers.

And it did, in the brilliant Wasteland 2, which has paved the way for a new game in the series, shockingly called Wasteland 3.

inXile Entertainment, the guys behind the revival of the Wasteland series, has announced an upcoming crowdfunding campaign to bring the blasted American no-mans land back into business.

Now with a lot more snow, courtesy of a nuclear winter, players can expect vehicles, co-op and more brilliantly written narratives to enjoy.

Wasteland 3 centers around a new group of rangers sent out to Colorado in an effort establish their presence as the glorious good guys, or heartless bastards, of the icy landscape.

Co-op is a big change to the formula for a previously single player focused experience. Now co-op squads can help you out, and more interestingly, complete missions while you are offline. Being well aware of the innate dickishness of mankind, this could lead to disastrous, if hilarious, consequences.

inXile will be using Fig as their crowdfunding platform, will allows backers to actually invest money properly in a project and receive money back based on how much they sent over and the success of the game. Business; it’s like gambling, but less fun.

Wasteland 2 was a smash hit on Kickstarter with a total funding of $2,933,252 (from a comparably tiny request of $900,000) and has a great deal of critical acclaim upon release. Check out what we thought about it in our post-release roundup.

We can’t get around how excited we are to see the continued success of a great series, one which brings with it a refreshing sense of style and innovative design. You can be sure many of us will be throwing all the 5ps we can find behind the sofa directly at the screen.

We own too many smashed monitors. Send help.


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