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Gionee reveals world’s thinnest smart phone

Gionee reveals world’s thinnest smart phone

Ever thought your Smartphone was looking a little chunky? Well, phone manufacturer Gionee have something just for you.

China has recently certified an upcoming handset from the company that is only 5mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest Smart Phone.

Before you start yelling at your iPhone and give it a bad self body image, be aware that the GN9005 had to make some sacrifices in order to achieve this level of anorexia.

The handset will only come with a middling 4.8inch AMOLED screen, a comparatively slow 1.2GZ processor and a less than great 2,050mAh battery. What about the memory and camera? I hear you desperately cry. Well, they’re not exactly stellar either, with 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a measly 8 mega pixel camera.

But hey, who needs that when your phone looks this hot? Lets hope that another handset doesn’t come along and one up the GN9005 before its as yet unnannounced release date.


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