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Give EA £179.99 to not play Battlefield 1

Give EA £179.99 to not play Battlefield 1 Image: Dice

Collectors editions are one of those weird things than no one seems to buy, but the never stop coming. Have you ever know anyone to own one? No? It’s baffling!

But even more confusing is the big, overpriced collectors edition for Battlefield 1, where you pay a hell of a lot of money and don’t get the game.

Battlefield 1 has been stirring some controversy recently with some extremely lenient with the source material.There is some logic here, but it certainly isn’t in favour of the consumer. By removing the game form the collectors edition it could help sales by reducing the awkwardness of having an overstock of a collectors edition geared towards one of the more unpopular platforms.

This wouldn’t be much of an issue, but the price far outweighs the content. So what do you get for this whopping investment? A cloth poster, some cards, some day one DLC, a fancy game box and a statue of potentially dubious quality. Total estimated cost; not £179.99 for sure, not even close.

But we get it, collectors editions are for the enthusiasts who are willing to blow precious, life saving money on pointless purchases without regard for their own well-being. We can all be accused of the same thing… many times in fact. But seeing as the collectors edition is in service of a product that isn’t included, it does seem a little stupid.

If you are one of these people, we offer a warning. Buying collectors editions is like playing emotional Russian roulette, as the quality of the included goodies is often far beyond meeting even the minimum requirement for satisfaction. This mostly revolves around the inclusion of ‘high quality’ statues, contracted out to the lowest bidder and rushed into production with fast and loose quality controls. In short, they often turn out really, really badly. A few examples include Max Payne 3, Battleborn and some chilling examples from the Witcher franchise. Its a consumer Battlefield out there. Get it? Are we funny yet?

model Give EA £179.99 to not play Battlefield 1

“I happily await the sweet embrace of death”

You have been cautioned.



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