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Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September

Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September Cheap Soma without prescription next day fedex overnight With a lot of gamers still reeling from the impact – both positive and negative – of last month’s whirlwind adventure with No Man’s Sky, indie gaming is a weird place right now. After generating such high expectations during the build up to launch, a lot of fans felt that they weren’t getting what they paid for when they saw the final product. Many are demanding their money back and it remains to be seen what this episode could do to people’s trust in indie developers. Still, it hasn’t stopped a whole host of intrepid game-makers from embarking on their own crowdfunding projects and there is a ton of games out there that are well worth checking out.

Doctor shopping for Soma prescription We’ve trawled through all the Kickstarter campaigns that are doomed to fail so that you don’t have to and have found six great games that you can back right now.

Soma Cod Overnight Delivery Soma ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION ~ Soma NEXT DAY DELIVERY soma next day delivery cod Ladybug Quest

Ladybug-Quest Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September

This adorable 3D platformer gives gamers an opportunity to explore the world from a unique perspective – a bug’s. It combines puzzles with boss battles and promises to be the kind of game that is both easy to pick up and challenging to play once you get to the higher levels. It’s cute and kind of nostalgic with its hop-and-dodge style and, when you think about how the game has been put together, you really have to appreciate the effort that has gone into creating such a beautiful game world with such limited resources. That, combined with a lovely soundtrack, makes it feel like it’s going to be a wonderful game to experience.

The backer rewards aren’t particularly lavish, but the developers are only asking for a total of $500 CAN, so it’s not like anyone has to splash out too much to give a relatively singificant contribution to this campaign. Backers can get early access to the game, special credits within it and, for just $20 CAN, the developers will consider you a demigod. If the game reaches its modest goal, the free-to-play final product will be available on Steam around this time next year. Cheap Soma no prescription next day delivery Unhappy Ever After

Unhappy Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September

A game that turns all your childhood memories of fairytales on their heads, Unhappy Ever After follows the adventures of Sophia, an 18th-century librarian’s assistant when she gets lost in a dark magical world. You get the chance to explore a broad open world with a huge assortment of quests you can choose to undertake, involving everything from underhand politics to ancient magic. The game includes characters and storylines from all manner of fairytales, but with a much more mature twist, taking you through the grim underbelly of those tales that you don’t fully comprehend as a child – crime, addiction and murder.

With a low target of just £200, the game is already fully funded, but it’s still worth checking out and pushing it to its (still modest) stretch goals. There are a limited number of opportunities to get the game for just £2, with rewards for higher pledges allowing you to be in the game as a side character, a protagonist or a villain as well as the opportunity to help create quests. Buy Soma No Prior Script Overnight Mastema out of Hell

mastema-out-of-hell Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September

Made by people who see old games as true works of art, this game is a real nostalgia trip. The 16bit 2D platformer sees you battle your way through hordes of demon boss through 55 levels to win your way out of hell. If you manage to make it all the way to the dreaded final boss and defeat Mastema, you not only win your freedom, but you also get to learn what you did to warrant being condemned to such a wretched place. True to form, it is the kind of game that is easy to pick up but a delicious nightmare to beat. A lot of effort has gone into creating the style and atmosphere of the game, even creating a cool 8bit soundtrack. Short clips are available to listen to on the Kickstarter campaign page, along with a load of seriously cool concept art.

The campaign will run until November and hopes to raise €3,000 in that time. Backer rewards range from simple thanks, through digital and physical copies of the game, to pieces of original artwork.


Soma fast delivery no doctors Dawn of the Devs

f26353f96286fca730bf353ae99c351e_original Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September

A love letter to all the people who bring awesome games into the world, this 2D platform game sees you play as game developers themselves. It follows three creators who have been dragged into a world of games and have to battle their way back to reality, pitted against the monstrous personifications of the game industry’s most awful aspects. Copyrates, trolls and zombie fanboys will all get in your way on your adventure. The game is quirky and definitely original and has a great sense of humor.

It has just under three weeks left to reach its $65,000 goal. Backer rewards range from thanks and wallpapers, through soundtracks, artbooks and T shirts, right up to the chance to own all games the company makes in the future for free after a one-off pledge of $5,000. Soma no prescription next day delivery The Adventures of SteamHammerVR

SteamHammerVR Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September

An adventure through time and imagination, SteamHammer transports you to Victorina London. Armed with some of the era’s finest and most fantastical steam-powered weaponry, it is up to you to take on the would-be tyrant Professor Ratworm and his army of clockwork automatons as they attempt to enslave the population. The game is due to be released initially on Steam and eventually also on Playstation VR and Oculus Rift, to make for a truly immersive steampunk experience.

The campaign has just under three weeks left to raise its £40,000 goal. Backer rewards begin with the basics – your name in the credits, a copy of the soundtrack, bonus game merchandise – through the opportunity to have your face or voice in the game, right up to an executive dinner with the team behind the game. Order Soma online without prescription Arrival in Hell

hell-1 Kick It: 6 great games you can back on Kickstarter this September

A remake of the point-and-click game, Arrival in Hell is an homage to the 2006 prison escape that became a cult classic. In fully rebuilding the game, the new creators have improved the graphics and gameplay but kept the same dark humor and distinct character that made the original so popular, along with a number of new aspects exclusive to the new game. Set in a terrifying prison, it’s up to you – an unnamed inmate – to break your way out, while also avoiding the monster that lurks in the shadows. You must be resourceful and cunning to make your way out alive. Each decision affects the story, with your choices determining how the game ends.

The campaign has less than three weeks left to meet its goal of £13,200. Backers can own the game itself for as little as £7, with higher pledges earning various goodie boxes, limited edition collectors’ packs and opportunities for your face, voice and even artwork to appear within the game.



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