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Kick It: Five Great Games You Can Back on Kickstarter This October

Kick It: Five Great Games You Can Back on Kickstarter This October

The weather is turning chilly and it is that time of year once again that outdoors becomes the realm of the brave and the hot-blooded. The rest of us, meanwhile, are offered a welcome relief from the summertime pressure to go outside and get fresh air. Instead, we get to cosy up indoors, wrapped up warm in the shelter, hot drinks and snacks within reach, with nothing to fill the long winter months but our libraries of our favorite games. Bliss. As much as woolly mittens and pumpkin spice flavoring, now is the time to be double checking that those libraries are a fully stocked as they could be.

We’ve trawled through all the Kickstarter campaigns that are doomed to fail so that you don’t have to and have found five great games that you can back right now.


The Matter King

A curiously abstract game, The Matter King is set in a time when the stars are on the brink of death. You play as Alpha, and that is all you know. In this 2D sci-fi dungeon crawler, you have to figure your way out of a maze based puzle system of the abandoned starship, The Revenant, while also dealing with an artificial block placed over your memories. Explore the broken, dying world around you, try to find out what you have done and be aware of the epic beast that is rising from its slumber…

The campaign has almost a month left to earn a modest £5000 to complete the game. Backer rewards range from exclusive wallpapers through various special editions of the game to the full catalogue of games the studio will ever produce.



hood Kick It: Five Great Games You Can Back on Kickstarter This October

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of Little Red Riding Hood? What about the wolf that hunts her? What about if their adventures took place n an ever-changing wonderland of vibrant daytime life and a creepy after-dark nightmare? Because that’s what you get if you back Hood. The way the game randomizes the area means there is a lot of replay value here, on top of the ability for multiplayer gaming, with both Hood and the Wolf – or Wolves – gaining advantages for teamwork.

There is a little under a month left for the campaign for this game, in which time it needs to collect almost all of it’s $5000 AUD goal. Backer rewards start at a single of the game and go through multiple copies of the game so you can jump right onto the multiplayer section, to early access passes.


Mr Nitegore

clown Kick It: Five Great Games You Can Back on Kickstarter This October

If all the recent creepy clown sightings have freaked you out in recent weeks, then this is not the game for you. But for all the horror nerds who can’t wait for their gore fix this Halloween, Mr Nitegore just might be the game you’ve been waiting for your whole life. The toy box of Mr Nitegore has been found in your house and, with the home of your trusted Teddy Bear, you have to survive the onslaught of haunted toys or else risk having your soul enslaved as one of them for eternity. The video from the campaign page promises incredible design and amazing graphics, resulting in the kind of game that will leave you sleeping with the light on.

The campaign has around three weeks left to go to raise a whopping $75,000 to finish this game. Backer rewards being with early acces to the game and span artworks, storybooks and even the opportunity to have your own haunted toy appear in the game.


Tyler: Model-005

Tyler-1 Kick It: Five Great Games You Can Back on Kickstarter This October

When a thunderstorm reawakens an adorable little robot called Tyler, he sets off on a quest to reunite with his creator. In this adorable 3D action platformer, you guide Tyler through the bug- and rat-infested hovel that used to his home in his attempts to find out what happened to the man who made him. The sort of steampunk style art in this game is absolutely beautiful and the graphics are meticulously detailed, showing bugs and rodents and general household detritus up close as tiny Tyler explores the world around him. There is already a playable demo free to download for anyone still on the fence to check out.

The campaign is already a solid chunk of the way through its $20,000 target, with three weeks left to go to get the rest. Backer rewards range from early access to the game, through soundtracks, skins, special edition models and a bunch of cool other merchandise. If you offer the highest possible pledge, you get to design one of the items that Tyler can find and use as a power-up.


Deep Within

animes Kick It: Five Great Games You Can Back on Kickstarter This October

Set in a dark and eerie world, Deep Within eschews the kind of settings you might expect and instead of based within the human consciousness. After being abandoned by someone you loved, you have to come to terms with facing life alone, starting with the kind of introspection that is never easy. Exploring an ever changing maze through oblivion, solve puzzles and confront the physical embodiment of your deepest darkest emotions, guided by two voices within your head. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they argue, but ultimately the path you take is up to you.

The campaign has three weeks left to raise £20,000 to finish making the game. Backer rewards include copies of the game, loads of cool merchandise and the opportunity to help construct aspects of the game and have characters named after you.


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