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Killzone could return

Killzone could return

Killzone is a series than never really got the respect it deserved. Hidden behind a macho, balls to the wall shooter was a game that delved deep into the dangers of a consuming dictatorship and what happens when the good guys don’t always win. And we all it thought it was gone for good, until now.

The last game, Killzone: Shadow Fall, aimed to bring the series to a definitive end, but Guerrilla Games Managing Director Hermen Hurst has stated in conversations with Game Informer that we might see the series return in the future.

 “We have a lot of love for the franchise. In a way it’s conclusive, but at the same time we’ll leave everything open for the future. Who am I to say we’ll never do anything?”

The planet hopping, cockney Space-Nazi shooter scored well with critics and certainly has a vocal fanbase that still holds out hope that the war will continue, but currently alternative projects must come first.

The hotly anticipated Horizon: Zero Dawn is taking up most of the developers focus, and Hurst made it clear that it is”too early” to talk about the future of Killzone.

Horizon’s scope cannot be understated, and is a massive endeavor for the company, but Killzone certainly still holds a significant chance of coming back.

Shadow Fall sold extremely well, with around 2.5 million copies purchased around the world. In the industry that turns a few heads.

Sony isn’t exactly a company that throws away popular gaming franchises, and in this age of endless reboots you can be confident we’ll see the Helgast again.


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