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Nintendo Direct: An update

Nintendo Direct: An update

It’s that time again! Nintendo Direct time to be precise. Another truckload of details driven straight out of our computer screens into our eyeballs by the good folks at the Japanese gaming giant, as they reveal what they have in store for us over the coming months. This one was a little light on the uber announcements, but was filled with little treats to tide us over until E3 time.

Perhaps the announcement which filled the internet with much gossip was the announcement that Smash Bros is getting more DLC. We already knew Mewtwo was on the way, but we got our first glimpse at the genetically modified Pokémon here, and also the release date and price. If you didn’t register your copies of Smash with Club Nintendo, then too bad, you missed your chance to get him for free. But Mewtwo will still be made available for general release April 28, and will cost £3:50 for one version of Smash, or £4:50 for both 3DS and Wii U versions. Seems pricy, but compared to other fighters it ain’t that shabby.

It also gave us an insight into the pricing of future characters, as Mewtwo won’t be the last to join the fight. Lucas, star of the never-released-in-Europe Mother 3 has made a return, and will be released in June. A veritable schmorgesbord of extra Mii outfits will also be made available separately for much cheaper prices, allowing your big headed avatar to dress as Link, MegamanX or wear Majora’s Mask. Most excitingly however Nintendo are asking us to send in our votes for what future characters might be considered for DLC. You can find the voting form here but you only get one vote, so pick wisely.

Outside of Smash we also received more details on Mario Kart 8 DLC, revealing the second pack will be released April 28 with Animal Crossing characters joining the race. Also being released as a free update is 200CC mode, a first in Mario Kart history, meaning races are speedier and more hectic than ever before. More Amiibo’s are on the way, including some for the soon to be released Splatoon. Though a new wave of Animal Crossing ones will be released as cards instead of figures, which you will be able to use in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

There were dates and localisation confirmations everywhere. The increasingly amazing looking Splatoon will come out May 29th, Yoshi’s Woolly World following close behind with a June 26th release. The new Fatal Frame will be getting a release outside of Japan too, though the exact dates for that are currently unknown.

There was also excellent news for old school gamers, as N64 and DS games will soon be released on Virtual Console, including old classics such as Mario 64 and, amazingly, Donkey Kong 64, a game we’d all but given up on seeing re-released, due to it being developed by Rare and all. We’d sing the DK rap, but several court orders say we mustn’t.

The rest of the Direct was a bit of a Fire Emblem love in, not that there’s much wrong with that. After nearly two years waiting we finally got more details on the Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover. It’s going to release this year in Japan for Wii U, and will be set in a modern day Tokyo but have elements of the Fire Emblem universe bleed into it…somehow. This sounds weird and bonkers yes, but these are two of the greatest RPG series around, so combining the two should lead to fireworks.

And finally, and perhaps most oddly, we received word on the new Fire Emblem proper. But the catch this time is that two versions of the same game will be releasing at the same time. Yup, it’s going all Pokemon on us. The emphasis this time is that your custom made protagonist will take different paths based on your in game decisions and, in all likelihood, which version of the game you plump for. Sounds complicated, and there is some confusion about the exact details, but Nintendo have assured gamers that the complete package will be available as DLC.

So yeah, DLC everywhere it seems. Looks like this is going to tide Nintendo over until the NX finally gets unveiled. For some trailers of these announcements, check out the links below.


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