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No man’s lie: No Man’s Sky is under investigation for fraudulent advertsing

No man’s lie: No Man’s Sky is under investigation for fraudulent advertsing

Oh man, it just keeps getting worse for Hello Games.

After a astoundingly huge number of disappointing fans of the planet hopping space adventure game, No Man’s Sky, the Advertising Standards Authority has launched a full investigation into marketing that apparently misrepresented the game.

No Man’s Sky had a lot of problems, but by far the worst was the numerous falsehoods told during the pre-release phase. Mulitplayer, gameplay features and much more were promised numerous times before launch in interviews and advertisements, many of which we ripped from the game without any form of announcement to consumers. Just so you know, doing this in any other industry is usually considered fraud.

The complaints levied against Hello Games focuses on a lack of advanced animal behavior, large scale ship combat and graphical quality.

Valve has also been hit with similar charges, for allowing the display of misleading information on the Steam store page. This includes no loading screens and territory grabbing factions.

Reddit user “AzzerUK” was one of many who issue a formal complaint to the ASA, which was due to numerous trailers displaying vastly varying standards of quality. He had this to say on the matter:

“I figured that if we want Steam store pages for games to start falling in-line and stop misleading consumers, then it would take consumers to point these problems out to the ASA, rather than all sit around on Reddit complaining to each other but assuming that it’ll all get sorted by itself eventually.”

Whats that, gaming consumers responding rationally and intelligently? Dear lord, are we in a parallel universe or what?!

AzzerUK is part of a growing trend of gamers who are sick to death of the constant flow of trailers and marketing which very rarely accurately represents the quality of a finished game.

No Man’s Sky could be the first in a chain of high profile retaliations to an industry that has become increasingly dependent on misleading consumers. Watch out, Ubisoft.

The outrage from the community has only increased after Sony refused refunds from players who felt cheated, despite Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, blamed the response to No Man’s Sky on overambitious marketing.

The gaming industry is plagued with these types of problems, No Man’s Sky just happens to be a microcosm of the concerning trends we’ve seen grow and develop in the last few years.

If the backlash helps to reign in years of poor marketing, it will be exactly what we need to start trusting developers again.

We’ll keep an eye on what happens, but in the meantime, here’s something to think about:


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