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Nuka World will mark the last of Fallout 4’s DLC

Nuka World will mark the last of Fallout 4’s DLC

Fallout 4 was a real blockbuster, and, as with any record setting seller, people have been hungrily awaiting an expansive series of DLC to compliment the experience. But as it turns out the extra content will be uncharacteristically anaemic for the series, with no further continuations after the upcoming Nuka World.

Nuka World will take players into a massive amusement park now filled with raider scum, and will allow you the opportunity to live out your darkest fantasies of becoming a raider yourself. You will even be able to lead a violent gang and take over settlements, if that might be your sort of thing.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? But this announcement has left on a sour note with the community. Rather than the expansive and often game changing additions past expansions have had in the series, the weak Far Harbour story line addition and a host of underwhelming building tools hasn’t done much to please the fan base. This comes after some hefty speculation of map expansions, returning characters and more that has sadly been left unfulfilled.

When compared with gems like New Vegas’s Old World Blues, or Fallout 3’s Broken Steel, it does seem like a huge amount of opportunity has been wasted. But hopes are strong that Nuka World will fulfil the promises that previous DLC failed to achieve.

DLC is a funny thing. Most people hate it for stripping out content, or overcharging players for menial additions, but great expansions packs are sometimes best part of a good game. The Witcher 3 pulled out a stellar double bill of absolutely top notch DLC packs in the form of Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone, proving that paying for more content can actually be something to look forward to.

Bethesda will have a lot to prove when the next lot of DLC eventually hits the storefront, but are holding out hope that Nuka World will be worth the wait.


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