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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water release date confirmed

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water release date confirmed

Whilst Nintendo were talking about the usual Mario/Zelda/Starfox fare at their recent-ish E3 presentation, a trailer for the new Project Zero (known as Fatal Frame outside of Europe) was quietly uploaded to the Nintendo YouTube channel. Precise details about the game’s release, barring a vague ‘coming this fall’ message, were scarce.  The previous instalment of the camera-centric horror franchise never made it outside of its native Japan, so much speculation was afoot. Would it be released physically? Would it be digital only? Would it be cancelled at the last minute? Variations of those three lines of questioning were pondered over by J-Horror fans all over the interwebz. Thankfully, the horror of speculation is over and the, thankfully short, torturous wait can begin. The new Project Zero will be coming to Wii U, both as a physical special edition and as a digital download, on October 30th in Europe. Just in time for Halloween.

The limited edition set will include ‘a double-sided poster, an art book, four Spirit Photographs, and a SteelBook™ cover.’ The digital edition will be released as an extended free-to-play demo (featuring the game’s prologue and first two stages) with the option of paying to unlock the whole game. Sadly, American gamers are still in the dark as to when it’ll find its way to their shores.

As with all games in the Project Zero series, you ‘capture’ (read: attack) ghosts with a supernatural camera. This instalment, however, will take full advantage of the Wii U’s woefully underused tablet game-pad and have you using it to take spectral snaps of your otherworldly assailants. The game’s plot revolves around three people drawn to a mysterious mountain (one of whom is an antique’s shop owner that is able to see the history of objects she touches).



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