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PS4 Pro: An end to Sony console exclusivity?

PS4 Pro: An end to Sony console exclusivity? Image: Sony

A new console marks a new gaming era, and Sony has finally dropped information on the mysterious, 4K beast that is the Playstation 4 Pro. Along with it has come some surprising revelations that could define the future of the industry in a seriously revolutionary way.

The PS4 Pro is unlike any console re-release seen in the past five years, it isn’t just a new look, but almost a whole new console. Featuring some drastically enhanced performance power, and able to handle the daunting task that is 4K and HDR gaming, the PS4 Pro doesn’t sacrifice compatibility with previous PS4 titles. In fact, it wants you to keep playing.

There will be no separation between PS4 and PS4 Pro games, both will work on each console without hassle, meaning that in many ways Sony is both releasing a brand new console into the competetion, and yet avoiding the risk of launching a brand new, unproven piece of hardware onto the market. Frankly, its pretty genius.

Once of the major distinctions between console and PC gaming is the fact that a PC can be upgraded without sacrificing a library of games in the process. With consoles however this is certainly not the case, and it is rare to see backward compatible games finding their way onto newer consoles. By removing the threat, Sony has implemented the logic of PC gaming, with the market practices of console sales, and of course ensured they will be selling some 4K TVs in the process.

Console exclusivity is one of the worst parts about being a console gamer, which often means many great games are left in the dust as you struggle against the remorseless march of technological innovation. Good games die young in this brave new world, unless that is, if the PS4 Pro proves itself to be a success.

If so, the console market could see a dynamic shift in the way it sells hardware, moving from exclusive platforms to hardware upgrades, or at the very least providing a number of options with different specs and price ranges. But as it stands, the PS4 Pro will cost you £349, around £100 more than the standard PS4, but with almost double power in terms of hardware. It doesn’t take an accountant to realize that is a pretty fine price.

All we have to do is wait until 10th November to see what happens, and exactly how Sony’s biggest competitor, Microsoft, will answer the challenge.


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