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Rockstar teases possible Red Dead project

Rockstar teases possible Red Dead project

Stoke the fuel, dammit! Faster you curs! The hype train cometh!

Rockstar, ever the secretive bunch, seem to be hinting quite heavily that another Red Dead game is in the works with some very familiar looking imagery on Twitter.

Posting an updated image of the companies logo with Red Dead’s stark painted dark red palette, there was a very quick response from the public who exploded into fiery speculation almost immediately.

This wouldn’t have been the first time rumors of a sequel to Rockstar’s absolutely phenomenal western open world title were thrown around, but there is no denying that the circumstances are far more promising this time around.

Even more convincing was a second image posted shortly after, which shows off a gang of very western looking silhouettes ahead of a sunset falling behind craggy mountain peaks.

Oh god, this is getting serious!

Rumors, as they tend to do, are spreading fast, with many arguing the game will be a prequel following Red Dead: Redemption‘s protagonist John Marsten in his infamous youth. Similarities to The Magnificent Seven are not lost on us, and it is very likely Rockstar will be taking a great deal of inspiration from the classics.

But Rockstar aren’t they sort of guys to get complacent, and enjoy nothing more than throwing a few spanners in the works, which leaves us guessing if the game will include only a single protagonist. Still, we hope John will be in some small way playable, because he’s just adorable. For a murdering, backstabbing cowpoke that is.

Red Dead: Redemption is without doubt the finest western game out there, and a hot contender for the best open world game ever made. With Rockstar’s unparalleled levels of depth, writing and quality, we can’t wait to see what they can do with 6 years of new technology under their belt.

But be careful with that hype, as John himself notes:

“It’s wanting that gets so many folk in trouble…”

Even so, when are we getting that PC port Rockstar!?


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