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Samsung puts you into the TV show with Milk VR

Samsung puts you into the TV show with Milk VR

HD TV is pretty great, but being inside your favourite TV show is better.  Samsung have just announced their own brand of  video on demand service, called Milk VR. Utilising the company’s Virtual Reality headset, Sasmung Gear VR, the video on demand service will make you feel closer to the action than ever before.

The service will be free, and promises five videos a week, including giving users a chance to immerse themselves in shows like The Walking Dead.

RJtYxbV-640x360 Samsung puts you into the TV show with Milk VR

Gear VR works by reading media such as your phone and creating a 1440p image completely surrounding you. The videos are captured by omnidirectional rings of cameras, meaning that if you look straight up, that part of the video isn’t captured, nor if you look straight down.

Imagine putting on Gear VR and suddenly being surrounded by blood hungry walkers, or worse – seeing Nigel Farage as if he was right next to you. We’ve shit ourselves already.

Gear VR is still in development kit phase but is expected later this year. Milk VR is available across Samsung devices right now.


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