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Smash Bros 3DS releases in Japan – Who’s joined the Brawl?

Smash Bros 3DS releases in Japan – Who’s joined the Brawl?

Today saw the launch of Super Smash Bros on 3DS in Japan, and there was much rejoicing. Already Twitch has been filled to bursting with streams of lucky gamers playing it through for the first time. And of course this means we finally get to see who makes the final roster. So ready for some surprises? Beware spoilers, obviously!

Well, if you saw the leaked character select screen from a few weeks back then there are few to be found. That was the full roster. Although it’s great to see these characters properly in action. The dog from Duck Hunt looks set to be an amazingly unique character, hurling clay pigeons and summoning the NES Sherriff to blast opponents. He even has a cheeky colour scheme with more than a whiff of Banjo-Kazooie about it.

Bowser Jr also has been given a unique playstyle as he keeps within the confines of his Koopa Car, using gadgets such as boxing gloves, drills and cannons to blast his enemies. The big surprise here is that Bowser Jr’s alternative outfits have been replaced by the seven Koopalings. That’s right, Ludwig, Wendy, Lemmy and the gang are all playable in Smash Bros. And with that news, your inner Mario World playing child just emitted a loud squee!

super-smash-bros-3ds-e3-trailer-640x360 Smash Bros 3DS releases in Japan - Who's joined the Brawl?

So we have a diverse roster featuring some really imaginative fighters. But naturally there are some disappointments as characters either didn’t make the cut or got dropped altogether. Most curious of the lot is the absence of the Ice Climbers, staples of the series since Melee. Snake is nowhere to be seen either, but that’s probably more down to his inclusion in Brawl being a one shot. Other popular characters not to be given a chance include Ridley, Mewtwo, Dixie Kong and Isaac.

But is all truly lost for these wannabe brawlers? There is still some empty space in the character select screen to be filled, so seems like a good bet to hope for extra Smash content at some stage. Perhaps with the Wii U version releasing later some characters will be held back for the home console release to generate fresh hype, and will then subsequently be made available for the 3DS? We can but speculate, and Sakurai is notoriously difficult to second guess. Yet with Nintendo hitting it out the ball park with their DLC offerings lately this speculation does have some merit.

In the meantime if you can’t wait until October 3rd the folks at Nintendo’s Treehouse are going to do a mondo streaming session today starting at around 6pm UK time. At first they’ll be showing off upcoming releases such as Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad and Hyrule Warriors, but the show will conclude with a whopping seven hour stream of Smash Bros 3DS. Where better to get introduced to all the Smash newcomers then from the horse’s mouth? So get that coffee brewing Brits, it could be a long Friday night.


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