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The Sony Walkman is back… but with a $1200 price tag

The Sony Walkman is back… but with a $1200 price tag

In an age where the iPod has become synonymous with the term MP3 player, it takes a lot of guts to release a competitor at even a reasonable price point.

Yet Sony haven’t even opted to do that. After the muted launch of last year’s more sensibly priced £300 Walkman, Sony have decided to up the storage to a whooping 128gb, add a microSD slot and even a touchscreen, culminating in a new Walkman that costs a jaw dropping  $1200.

Unable to let go of their 90’s glory days, it seems like the Japanese tech giants are determined to make The Walkman happen whether people want it or not.

While a music player that can store a large amount of lossless music is definitely a good idea, the audiophile market is a relatively niche one and at over $1000 for a music player, that niche becomes even smaller, making this a risk that the financially troubled Sony seemingly can’t afford to take.

Time will tell whether people flock to this or if it turns out to be the misfire that it looks like – but we’re going to take a wild guess and say that people won’t want to shell out a grand for a portable music player.





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