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The Metropolist’s top 5 gaming Easter eggs

The Metropolist’s top 5 gaming Easter eggs

Aren’t Easter eggs great! We all like a good secret and the thrill that accompanies finding one. Whether it be the answer to who killed Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick, or where the second half of Battlefront’s content went, the joy of discovery is a thrilling journey.

Video games feature some of the most impressive examples of hide and seek the world of entertainment has to offer, and on this day of feverish chocolate hunting, we thought it would be appropriate to spill the beans on a few of our favourites. Get those magnifying glasses and Sherlock Holmes hats ready, we’re hunting Easter eggs. Buying Soma overnight delivery 5)Half Life: Gabe Newell terror box

Good old Gaben has become the face of PC gaming thanks to the enormous success of the game developer gone dominant digital retailer Steam. But back when he was working on the FPS classic Half Life, some cheeky environment artist decided to honour him in a…unique way. Booting up the map ‘c1a1c’ and activating no clip will allow you to find Gabe’s face plastered all over the walls in a smiling vision of hell. It might be an idea to redecorate.


purchase Soma COD 4)Batman: Arkham Asylum: Arkham City map

A good Easter egg is elusive, but well worth the wait. This particular hidden hint towards Arkham City went undiscovered for years after the release of the game, until a particularly enthusiastic gamer/worlds greatest detective managed to discover the map near Quincy Sharp’s office. Good job Rocksteady, you know how to keep us guessing, you sneaky, sneaky snakes.



dead-space The Metropolist's top 5 gaming Easter eggs

Spoiler! Dead Space had a depressing little twist on the ‘save your girlfriend’ routine, as she had been dead long before the protagonist Isaac had arrived to help. But this might have been less of a surprise if people had paid just a bit more attention to the loading screens. Each chapter title’s first letter spells out the tragic truth; NICOLE IS DEAD. Secret messages never say things like ‘you’re the best’ or ‘you are going to have a great day’. Man, decryption is a path to depression in ways we never expected.


Soma fast delivery no doctors 2)Halo: Combat Evolved: A loving embrace between foes

Can love bloom on the battlefield? Yes, dammit, of course it can, especially in the Halo universe. If you manage to beat the game on Legendary mode, the Pillar of Autumn enters a self destruction sequence and cuts to the lovably grumpy Sergeant Johnson fighting for his life with an Elite. Realising their love is more powerful than any intergalactic conflict, they embrace in a moment of all consuming passion, with a cheeky alien groping in the process. In the end, we aren’t so different after all.


soma without prescription COD 1)Just Cause 2: Lost island

This is one of the most fully featured Easter eggs out there; an entire island dedicated to the TV series Lost. In the upper left of the game maps sits a small, inconspicuous island that begs for exploration. However, flying a plane over it will cause you to crash land, stranding you on the fully featured recreation of the shows setting, filled to the brim with references. These include smoke monsters, the hatch and a huge amount of little call backs that will please anyone with a love of the source material.


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