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The top 5 best VR games that will blow your mind

The top 5 best VR games that will blow your mind Image: Flickr

It’s here, VR is here! Finally we can live out our dreams of being a dashing knight or vigilante space pilot with nothing to lose from the comfort of our beds and chamber pots. But you can’t enjoy VR without some games attached, right? And before you say it, no, imagination will never be a proper substitute, we spit on the very idea!

Whether you have decided to go with the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive for your choice of mind boggling VR magic, there is a wealth of amazing games to play that justify the long wait we’ve had to endure.

So buckle in everybody and say goodbye to the world outside your office, because here are our top five VR games you need to download immediately.


  1. Eve: Valkyrie: Free with the Oculus Rift

screenshot_dogfight2-100574344-orig The top 5 best VR games that will blow your mind

VR was built for flight sims, because nothing compares to the vertigo inducing feeling that comes along with a violent, graceful dogfight to the death…IN SPACE! Eve: Valkyrie is a game that has been on our radar since we messed around with it during our first ever VR experience. The painfully short amount of time we got to spend with it stuck with us and eternally fueled our obsessive hype for VR, and it helps that full game is far more than just a tech demo. Its fast, the head based motion controls are intuitive and it’ll kick your butt six ways from Sunday, so this is a must buy for anyone who somehow still isn’t persuaded by the thrill of virtual reality.


2) HoverJunkers: £26.99

hover-junkers-middlefinger The top 5 best VR games that will blow your mind

When HTC announced that the Vive was shipping with motion controls, we had first person shooters on the brain. And HoverJunkers will undoubtedly sell you on the concept the first time you snap your break action triple barreled shotgun closed and end a fellow junker by hand. The feeling of ducking behind cover, skirmishing with other players and flying around on your own personal mobile platform isn’t just cool, it’s a game changer. Also the game encourages you to flip off everyone you come near, so that is one hell of an added bonus in a multiplayer game.


3) Alien: Isolation: £15.99

BF_5Ou_epTh3.878x0.Z-Z96KYq The top 5 best VR games that will blow your mind

Remember when you thought horror games couldn’t edge you close to a heart attack than was already possible? Alien: Isolation remembers, and it won’t forgive such an insult. While the game has been out for a while at this point, the simple process of adding a VR headset to the mix makes completing the campaign with a single, un-sodden pair of pants a near Olympian level achievement. 3D audio, head-tracking and an intergalactic hellspawn so close you can almost touch it make for a nightmare not recommended for the faint of heart.


4) Elite Dangerous: £19.99

2949297-001 The top 5 best VR games that will blow your mind

Yeah, that’s right, another space game. Sue us. Elite Dangerous is one of the most relaxing star trekking experiences around, well, until someone decides to give you an unsolicited missile aided day trip into the vacuum of space that is. When you pop on a headset, the hum of the engines mixed with the dancing lights of the galaxy and occasional attack from crazed pirates combines into some of the finest moments in gaming. This may be the closest any of us will get to blazing through the unknown sectors of the universe, and promptly destroying it with excessive lasers. However, a slightly unhinged and irresponsibly man can dream.


5) Subnautica: £14.99

sea_grassyplats5 The top 5 best VR games that will blow your mind

The ocean is just the worst, filled to the brim with deadly poison spitting fish, animal waste and the constant threat of sea dwelling super humans rising from the depths to steal our souls. If only there was a way to bypass the physical threat to oneself in some sort of virtual survival game…you see where we’re going with this. Subnautica lets you submerge and explore an alien ocean filled with amazingly cool looking creatures, and only 75% want to eat you alive. The seas of far off planets allow for a thrill of discovery that is pretty unmatched in gaming, and combined with the eerie realism of 3D it makes for a stunning trip.


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