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Total War: Warhammer Beastmen DLC trailer and release date leaked

Total War: Warhammer Beastmen DLC trailer and release date leaked

Total War: Warhammer has been out for only a short while, but most hardcore fans of the series have already put in hundreds of hours conquering the old world. We’ve all been pleading for new content, hoping for just a teeny tiny bit of extras to keep us playing. Well, here you go; the Beastmen hordes are coming to ravage the lands in a new expansion.

Just a few days ago there was a hint that the Beastmen would be on their way into the game, thanks to some clever social media trickery and a few leaks. But early this morning, a trailer came out seemingly a bit earlier than anticipated.

The Beastmen hordes will be a nomadic faction, and a few sources claim that they will have their very own campaign movement ability, rendering armies invisible while passing through forested terrain.

The Beastmen are a bunch of mutated monsters with innate ties to the dark gods and a penchant for savaging the forces of mankind. They bring with them goat like infantry, giant bolder throwing one eyed cygors and some genuinely unpleasant monstrosities. If the trailer and their background is much to go on, expect an army that is better suited for ambushes than fighting battles on the other races terms.

In the grand scheme of things, the army is both an obvious and somewhat surprising choice. The hairy buggers are a notorious blight on the world, and their absence was strongly felt by players. But they are also a fairly minor faction in the setting, more of a (very deadly) nuisance than a world threatening force of nature. But we are excited to see their addition in the game, which offers a whole new campaign to run through. Goodbye social life…or whatever remains of that.

The expansion pack will be out on 28 June, and will very likely be a paid DLC, outside of the Free-LC plans that will be coming out steadily over the next few months. Not only will you get hold of the Beastmen faction, but it is rumoured that there will be a mini campaign called ‘An eye for an eye’, likely revolving around the infamous Khazrak One-Eye.

Hooray for murdering hordes of horrifying monsters!


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