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A true Love/Eight relationship – Nintendo finally convinced us we need Smash Bros Wii U

A true Love/Eight relationship – Nintendo finally convinced us we need Smash Bros Wii U

With Smash 3DS already out and selling millions across the globe, attention is now beginning to shift to the upcoming Wii U version. Indeed Nintendo had some convincing to do. How do they tempt all those who forked out on the 3DS version to buy the Wii U version? Moreover, with sales of their console still lacking, how do they convince people to buy a Wii U for Smash Bros full stop?

A recent Nintendo Direct provided us with Nintendo’s response. They confirmed that while the 3DS version is a sizeable game in its own right, the Wii U version smashes it out the arena in terms of sheer content, with more music, trophies, game modes and intriguing titbits than ever before. And one of the first things they confirmed off the bat was that for the first time ever you’ll be able to play Smash Bros with more than four players.

Oh yes, you heard us. Eight player local multiplayer! No longer will you have to pass around the controller and engage in ye olde ‘Winner stays on,’ song and dance. Now even the biggest of social circles will be able to take each other on simultaneously. Oh the carnage!

smash8-640x360 A true Love/Eight relationship - Nintendo finally convinced us we need Smash Bros Wii U

Only a select number of bigger stages will be available in this mode, and it won’t be available online (doing so would probably bring the internet to a juddering halt), but some specially designed stages have been made to accommodate the extra fighters. This will mean games will feel less like finely balanced duels and more like chaotic battle scenes. Great for parties.

They also confirmed a revamped Classic mode, the return of Event matches and new modes ‘Special Orders’ and ‘Smash Tour,’ providing smashers with plenty to occupy their free time. But the big news came in the form of the return of the Stage Builder, which has been enhanced hugely when compared to its limited incarnation in Brawl. You can now use the Wii U Gamepad to draw stages, giving you greater creative freedom in the arena’s you can devise.

If flexing your creative muscles is indeed your thing, then it was also announced you can draw on and prettify the snapshots you take during matches. Both stages and pictures will be made available to submit to Miiverse. So not only are you competing to be the best fighter, but also competing to be the best craftsman.

stage_builder_smash_bros-640x360 A true Love/Eight relationship - Nintendo finally convinced us we need Smash Bros Wii U

So all this was very wonderful, confirming that Smash Wii U will likely be the definitive version of the game. But then after all this, we were thrown a curveball. A Pokeball shaped curveball at that!

Mewtwo is returning! Children of the nineties rejoice as the most powerful Pokémon of them all returns to Smash Bros after being dropped from Brawl. It will be made available as a free download to anyone who has bought both versions of the game, and will presumably be released to everyone else at a later stage. Not that it’s coming particularly swiftly anyway, the provisional date for its release being Spring 2015.

Of course this means that the door to DLC for Smash Bros is now wide open. So there’s now every chance that a favourite character of yours who missed the initial cut may yet make it into the game. Let the speculation and hyping recommence!


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