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Uh-oh! US Congress banned from editing Wikipedia

Uh-oh! US Congress banned from editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia has banned users within the US Congress Building from editing any page on the site for the next 10 days. The ban is a result of people within the building adding false information to a number of pages.

Many of the edits are clearly intended as jokes such as the change to the Assassination of JFK page that said that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting “on behalf of the regime of Fidel Castro.” The page of Former US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was also edited saying he is an “alien lizard who eats Mexican babies”.

All of edits were chronicled by the Twitter bot @congressedits. The bot tracks all edits to any page on Wikipedia from any IP address that originates from the Congress Building.

This is not the first time users from the Congress Building have been in trouble for their editing antics. Wikipedia has warned users from the building numerous times over the last few years and earlier this month the IP address was banned for a single day.


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