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VIDEO: We unbox the unreleased New 3DS Ambassador edition

VIDEO: We unbox the unreleased New 3DS Ambassador edition

We were lucky enough to get our hands on the  latest addition to Nintendo’s handheld family, the confusingly named New 3DS.

The New 3DS launched in Japan and Australia at the end of last year, but has yet to grace American or European shores. Luckily, Nintendo saw fit to reward loyal fans and certain members of the press with a special Ambassador edition of the new console, and we thought we’d share our unboxing with you lucky folks.

Luckily this latest iteration of Nintendo’s hugely popular 3DS  brings more to the table than just a bafflingly poor name. Boasting a brand new head tracking 3D display,  an upgraded CPU, an extra analogue stick and customisable faceplates – this is  much more than just a better battery and a different colour scheme.

Take a look at the video above to see what exactly comes in the New 3DS Ambassador Edition. If you’re a Club Nintendo member check your emails, you might have a secret link waiting in your inbox allowing you to get your hands on this rare gaming wonder.



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