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Wasteland 3 fully funded in just a few days

Wasteland 3 fully funded in just a few days Image: InXile

You know what? We think people might like the Wasteland series after all.

The granddaddy of post-apocalyptic RPGs has found itself achieving the minimum requested funding ($2.75 million) in just 3 days of its crowdfunding project for Wasteland 3. This is the second time developer InXile has found success with crowdfunding a Wasteland title, after Wasteland 2 took over $2.9 million through Kickstarter.

Over 13,522 people have pledged money to bring the project to life, but the campaign is far from over. New stretch goals have been introduced, including enhanced ranger customization, a talking car companion and a custom Insignia which will show up throughout the game.

Brian Fargo had this to say to the fans who made the success happen:

“Without you, we would simply not be able to maintain our independence and keep fully true to our visions for great RPGs that you love. We also cannot fail to mention those who have chosen to invest in the financial performance of the game–their contributions have also been invaluable. Your trust and support means the world to us. So kick back, put your red boots up, and have some squeezins to celebrate.”

The funding platform, Fig, allows potential founders to invest in the game and receive equity based on the games success and the amount given, just as an extra incentive. You can also back the project through CrowdOx via Paypal, if you don’t want to risk getting too deep in the development of Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 is offering a very different type of game this time around, with fully voiced and animated conversations, armored cars, co-op and a new frozen area to explore. We adored Wasteland 2, and are extremely excited by the prospect of returning to the bizarre world.

You can check out (very, very early) gameplay here, which shows off a number of features you can look forward to when the game releases in 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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