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Murder suspect uses Siri to hide his roommate

Murder suspect uses Siri to hide his roommate

Predro Bravo Is 20 year old man from Florida accused of kidnapping and strangling his friend Christian Aguliar in September 2012 following a dispute over Aguliar dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend, Erika Friman.

Following further investigation into the murder it would appear that Pedro didn’t act alone as the iPhone voice activated assistant ‘Siri’ also had a part to play.

Bravo and his friend Christian had been traveling to a Best Buy store to purchase a Kanye west CD when Bravo proceeded to drug and then strangle Christian, then faced with the prospect of disposing of the body, Bravo turned to Siri for answers and Siri was ready with plenty of suggestions for the ideal place to hide a body.

Now we weren’t too impressed with Kanye’s latest album either, but that really seems a bit extreme.

Detective Matt Goeckel from Gainesville Police Department discovered that Bravo told Apple’s digital assistant Siri: ‘I need to hide my roommate’. To which Siri responded with ‘What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps, Reservoirs, Metal Foundries, Dumps?’

Bravo then activated his iPhone flashlight app between 11:31pm and 12:01 the same night. It would appear then that apples popular smartphone can be just as much a hindrance as it is a help when conducting a kidnaping and murder.

The iPhone may have initially provided Bravo with the tools needed to commit the crime such as a flash light and suggestions for locations to hide a body – but it also recorded all of this information along with location data. The location data doesn’t correspond with Bravo’s account of where he was that night, meaning Siri stitched him up.

1407928162027_wps_35_Siri1 Murder suspect uses Siri to hide his roommate

Bravo’s trial is expected to conclude next week and if you were to ask Siri the same question today, it no longer replies with the same answer rand simply says ‘I used to know the answer to this’. However stories such as this force us to think about the dangers on smart technology and what it can be used for if placed in the wrong hands.


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