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5 reasons the new Instagram logo is an epic fail

5 reasons the new Instagram logo is an epic fail End of an era...

If the consumer market hates one thing more than anything else, it has to be change. Change is vital most of time to get us excited about the future and to help the industry from getting too stale for its own good, but god help you if you mess with beloved ideas without good reason.

This is what has happened with Instagram’s new logo, which has sparked widespread anarchy and bloodshed across the known world. People are rioting violently, the company’s office is under siege and pagan sacrifices have skyrocketed up to the UK’s number one pass time since the announcement. Okay so maybe not, but it has upset the majority of users in a big way.

So you might be wondering why this has riled up so many people in a feverish rage, and that’s a good question to ask. Why would such a small, unimportant thing matter when the app remains mostly unchanged.

We are masters at complaining, so give us an opportunity to vent our frustrastions as to why the new logo sucks. soma no prior prescription 1) The charm is gone

The old Instagram logo was simple, a classic image of an old-school camera with a small rainbow tag on the left hand side. The new one looks like something one of those horrible modernist marketers would consider…shudder…’hip‘. Overly simplistic, hollow and worst of all, boring. The vintage charm is dead and buried, all hail the vomit worthy, ergonomic and minimalist future.


2) It doesn’t stand out from the crowd

There are so many damn apps on the market which all do the same thing, and most of them share the same dull logo designs. Underdeveloped and abstract. The old logo, for the lack of a better word, ‘popped’ on the app store, with a detail and eye catching craft woven into it’s small frame.

Now we have a new image to kick out the apparently ‘outdated’ predecessor, leaving the app lost within the swirling waves of an ocean of mediocrity.


3) If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

So the Instagram developers wanted a new logo that, in their own words, “strikes a balance between recognition and versatility.”. Okay, fine, that sounds like a good idea. But here is our main point of contention; YOU ALREADY HAD IT!

The whole think has an unpleasant smell of ‘change for changes sake’, the sort of thing CEO’s demand when they can’t think of anything else to do. Re-branding means nothing if you cock it up guys.


4) It doesn’t build on what made the original so great

So you already had a winner, but it was getting somewhat long in the tooth. That isn’t a terrible time to start thinking about some changes, but what is key is to remove what sucks and keep what works. Simple right?

Apparently not. The new logo breaks everything down to such a minimal design that it chucks out everything that was humble, warm and straight forward in the classic piece. They threw out the blueprint and went to work on a second with only art snobbery and 40 pounds of the finest Colombian White Horse for inspiration.

Yes, the camera is still present, but the fundamentals of what made it great have been quietly shot in the backyard and hastily buried in a flimsy bin bag made of poor decision making.


5) We might not get the old one back

As the cruelty of death takes the joys of life from us, so does a radical restructuring of an iconic brand logo. There is very little chance of seeing the original come back to us, so we might just be stuck with the hideous new version. Most companies are notorious for their stubbornness on such matters, and very little can be done to make them call uncle.

That is unless the Instagram community remains vocal. If you hate the new change like we do, get vocal and shout your discontent from the highest mountain peaks to the lowest pits of the world.

Join us in our petty war for minor changes, you know you want to.


4 responses to “5 reasons the new Instagram logo is an epic fail”

  1. Greg Bridges says:

    So true! The new one is horrible. A logo is supposed to conjure the feel of excitement in relation to the product, the new Instagram logo ruins the feel and excitement of taking pictures. It just looks like a toilet bowl with a flush button! I just want to delete it from my phone so I don't have to look at it!

    Sometimes they put people in charge that are persuasive and make bad decisions. Its not something obvious on a CV. It looks like a case of the kings clothing. They've convinced the king that he looks great in the invisible clothes, when in fact he is naked for all to see.

    Instead of being distinctive the logo its "me to" and looks like a bad copy of the itunes store logo, which at least has some finesse about it.

    We live in an age of being able to create a logo in 3d colour. We don't have to reduce the logo to 1 colour to save money. Even if they were thinking about signage , how cool would a 3D version be. And merchandising. No one will buy a t-shirt depicting a toilet bowl.

    Maybe there is a secret agenda to kill Instagram as a separate app completely so that it can be homogenized into facebook never to rear its head again!

  2. Venus says:

    I have refreshed company’s logo recently, and it looks attractive. I must thank ‘Ultraweb’ professionals for creating awe inspiring logo.

  3. vasu says:

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