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App of the Week: Priime

App of the Week: Priime

Buried deep within the human soul lies a spiritually liberated artist with the power to craft enormously provocative pieces, able to touch even the most hardened art skeptic out there. Well, this applies to some people, others are perfectly content with an image of their dog dressed as a 17th century cavalry officer acting as their ultimate contribution to the medium.

But every would be artist needs the right tools, and seeing as everyone and their grandmothers are carrying around high definition cameras on their phones, photos have become an important way of documenting our lives. But a photo that lacks aesthetic integrity is valueless, condemned to the waste-bin and forever kept apart from the promised land of Instagram, which means keeping things pretty is vital.

So lets talk about Priime, a photography editing app that lets you warp a boring, sterile image of a disappointing Greggs sandwich into the Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece you always knew it was destined to be. The app is a photography powerhouse, with dozens of filters, sampling tools and general wizardry to fool around with.

Let us set a fairly typical scene here. You’ve just taken a photograph of Brian Blessed choke-slamming the reanimated body of Genghis Khan, but the composition is all wrong for some reason or other. Just boot up Priime, select the image and begin by choosing a “style”, or as it is more commonly known, a filter. Adjust the intensity of said filter until you are happy and get ready for some hardcore adjustments.

With a beefy compliment of image editing tools, you can start to manipulate the picture’s brightness, sharpness, shadow intensity and many more fancy sounding photography words. You can even zoom in and make minute adjustments to the piece and track all changes with a handily included history tab that can let you jump back in time, right before you completely screwed everything up.

But maybe you aren’t happy with the included filters? To ease the burden, Priime allows users to download unique styles from world famous professional photographers for small, in-app purchases. An even cooler addition is the the fact that the app will offer recommendations for different edits thanks to a clever bit of software magic, so even the most novice snappers will be able to make any image presentable.

Priime is a great image editing tool that is free to download for anyone with an iOS device or Mac and is worth checking out if you just can’t get your photos to a certain standard of quality. It has a great deal to try out and is very easy learn, so we give it a wholehearted recommendation.


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