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Billionaires are funding a plan to escape the martix. Seriously.

Billionaires are funding a plan to escape the martix. Seriously.

Money and power makes people crazy. Sometimes you forget the very moral grounds you held dear in your youth, you may decide you are some kind of demi-god or you may just think having money means you should run for president. But every now and then it can cause mind-blowing existential crisis, such as believing you live in a computer simulation. Thank god that’ll never happen.

Except that’s actually whats happening.

Not just content with being insane, Elon Musk, the Bank of America and more are dumping stupid amounts of money to break the simulation, while fighting off smartly dressed agents with slow-mo kicks or something.

For hundreds of years, through religion, philosophy or far too many apple teenies, many have questioned the very reality that we see around ourselves, so this isn’t anything new. But these billionaires have new found powers that was lost on theoretical mind crusaders of the past; dangerous technology and loads of cold, hard and stonking wads of cash.

Musk has previously voiced his concern for the unregulated development of artificial intelligence, which seems like a reasonable thing to do, but recent debates over the high probability we are living in some form of simulation has grown in scale.

Bank of America, an organisation you really, really don’t want to go completely batshit insane, posted their belief that there is an almost 50% chance everything we know is a big old lie.

But recent reports indicate that at least two billionaires are secretly funding a way to break free of the code that ties us down. The information comes from Sam Altman, a developer of tech companies, so hopefully the leak is trustworthy. However, billionaires blowing money on incredibly stupid things would hardly be a massive surprise. Altman seems to voice the same concerns, particularly about the merger of human and robot minds. He had this to say whilst donning his tinfoil hat:

“The merge has begun – and a merge is our best scenario. Any version without a merge will have conflict: we enslave the A.I. or it enslaves us.”

Fun fact: in the horror series Dead Space, the evil church of Unitology was founded by a man called Michael Altman. He talked about a merger of all of humanity that would bring us all into a single being. This is getting a bit creepy.

The fear of the rapid advanced of technology quickly taking over our perception of the real world was initially made a genuine public topic after Musk spent an afternoon in a hot tub and realised that our world may be the product of filthy robots. Sounds like a good start.

Maybe we could be on the brink of a new religion, headed by the holy Musk. Nah, actually that sounds like the smell from a biblical jockstrap, scrap it.

Whatever happens, we know one thing.

Rich people are nuts.


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