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BlackBerry ceases in-house phone development

BlackBerry ceases in-house phone development

After 14 long years of uninterrupted in-house smartphone development, BlackBerry has announced they will no longer design their own smartphones. The lazy gits.

Its no great secret that BlackBerry has not exactly been keeping up with competitors, and has been crushed under the rapid development of Apple and Samsung products. Its hardly the friendliest of industries to be sure.

Instead, they will be outsourcing all smartphone work out to third party companies. The reality is that the market for their own phones are too niche to justify the exorbitant costs of in-house creation, as highlighted by this statement from Ben Wood of the CCS insight consultancy:

“BlackBerry had made no secret of the fact that it might shut down its own phone-making business. Pushing it out to a third party is a sensible solution – but any manufacturer making Blackberry branded devices will ultimately face the same challenges.”

John Chen, BlackBerry’s very own chief executive, has made it abundantly clear that the falling profits may lead the company to shut down all smartphone development in the future.

When exactly? This month actually. And with the recent market failing of the latest BlackBerry release, which was far too expensive for most users, it could be likely we will see this eventually happen very soon indeed.

After trying new things, dropping prices and marketing the living hell out their devices, we are now seeing the end of one of the most iconic smartphone developers around. Sad? Happy? Indifferent? We can’t really tell.

BlackBerry used to be the big dog of portable communication and life organising devices, so their loss is a big one, but after years of failing to make the grade it hardly comes as a surprise.

Apple and Samsung are viciously at each others throats, and anyone in the way of these rampaging titans inadvertently becomes a casualty.

Poor old, incredibly expensive, BlackBerry.


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