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Going green: Microsoft unveils a new partnership to track legal marijuana

Going green: Microsoft unveils a new partnership to track legal marijuana Image: Flickr, Brett Levin Photography (edited) Link:

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft has partnered with legal weed tracking service Kind Financial. The software that is the main focus of this team up tracks the sale and distribution of legal marijuana, which is of particular interest to businesses and the government.

So Microsoft will be looking into which Americans are enjoying some sweet, sweet medication. The software, Agrisoft Seed to Sale, will move over to the Mircosoft cloud (the irony is not lost on us) which to this day has not been confirmed as a gaseous all powerful evil deity. We’re onto you Microsoft.

This should give a great deal of legitimacy to the movement for legalised marijuana in other non-compliant states, and not just that, but other businesses might take to the idea with such a strong influence behind it.

While the deal centres around ensuring law abiding usage and trade, it isn’t the Orwellian watch dog it may seem. Keeping an eye on shipments and sales will greatly help to keep the potential backlash of legalisation in check , promoting a more responsible future indeed.

Currently the United States has allowed for legalisation of Marijuana in some states that are willing, for both consumer and medical usage. After numerous medical bodies showed controlled dosages are both medically beneficial for certain conditions and won’t cause any significant long term harm, the spread of legalisation is taking root with rapid speed.

This may be the first venture of its kind for Microsoft, but they will be competing with similarly minded firms, like BioTrackTHC. In the world of ‘seed-to-sale’ tracking, it could be getting pretty brutal. Drug lords and gangs may not be fighting over the green, but white collar corporations could take up the role. We dream of a day where Microsoft employees become involved in company mandated drive-bys.


One response to “Going green: Microsoft unveils a new partnership to track legal marijuana”

  1. Jared says:

    While my initial though was "how could they! this is infringing on our rights!", once I thought about viewing marijuana as a 'normal' agricultural crop it makes more sense. We track many crops from seed to sale, as this informs us what is the most profitable to grow. I'm for it.

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