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Google is working on a new computer that lives in your eyeballs

Google is working on a new computer that lives in your eyeballs Image: Wikimedia

How can you makes sure you never miss an email? Jam your computer directly in your skull of course! This is exactly what Google is looking to create, if recent patents are to be believed.

The intention behind this intriguing piece of sci-fi insanity seems to be the noble goal of improving the eyesight quality of those who suffer from a host of visually inhibiting problems. However, the potential uses of the device don’t stop there, as the patent describes that it could also contain data storage tools, a radio and lenses. It is suggested that it would be able to connect with nearby devices to help it process information, slowly gaining in power until it can control you completely. The last part is purely speculation at this point, but we know where we stand. Your move, Google.

Strangely enough, this isn’t the first time the company has looked (sorry) at the eye as a platform of technological innovation, as can be seen from previous attempts to introduce the eyeball centric Google Glass onto the market.

It isn’t even the first time they have made an effort to shove things in your eye, evidenced by the fact they registered for a previous patent in 2014 for a contact lens that could provide vital information such as glucose and blood pressure levels.

What is their obsession with their users eyeballs? Could it be that eye based tech is both convenient and a natural progression in displaying virtual information? Or is it that Google is entirely staffed by a bunch of dorks who think that the whole idea is really cool, and are too wealthy/smart for their own good? Whatever the reasoning, don’t expect to see anything available to try any time soon, as patents tend to have a seriously lengthy development time before they are even remotely functional.

That said, the future is looking pretty creepy.


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