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INTERVIEW: Dave Wright, CEO of MYZONE Image: MyZone

Despite how much we all want a super toned, godlike figure that burns fat like jet fuel, motivation often finds itself hidden behind all the work and stresses of daily life. After all, eating a 36 pound mega-meat pizza is a much less demanding task than enjoying a 20 minute jog.

Dave is a man who challenges this philosophy, and has spent a good part of his life trying to get the world to take their health a great deal more seriously. He has been behind a revolutionary wave of fitness trackers that keep you motivated when trying to work off some of that seasonal ‘growth’.

We got a chance to chat with the man himself, discussing what got him to this point in his career and how he thinks technology will give us the keys to unlock a healthier world.

The Metropolist: What is your own personal background in the fitness industry, and how has it lead you here?

Dave Wright: I’ve had a strong background in the fitness industry, owning 11 clubs in two continents operating under the Feelgood Fitness and Voyage Fitness brands serving over 20,000 members. In addition, I provided marketing solutions to health and fitness operators for 25 years through my company CFM.

Over the last 25 years, we have attracted one million new members for health club operators through CFM, but the problem is that half of these new members leave every year.  I wanted to find a way of keeping members in clubs for longer. I’ve always used heart rate monitors in my facilities, but in 2009 I considered how technology could be advanced to solve the issues identified above.

I believed a system that allowed the wireless transfer of data stored on a heart rate monitor so that gym users could use the monitors both in and outside of a club, with the data being automatically uploaded when they returned to the gym, could revolutionize the gym experience.

TM: What does MYZONE clothing offer a fitness fanatic?

DW: The MYZONE clothing range offers a comfortable approach to wearable technology. The super-soft t-shirt features embedded heart electrodes connected to a clip-on MYZONE MZ-3 module. These directly measure heart rate and calorie burn with market-leading accuracy, streaming the data live via the MYZONE app to smartphones, the Apple Watch, Android Wear watches and many other devices. The result is the smartest possible sports clothing, perfect for a fitness fanatic who wants to be rewarded for their effort.

TM: What does MYZONE apparel do differently to other wearable tech?

DW: MYZONE uniquely rewards effort, by telling you in real time how hard you’re working out. It also provides a game based platform and social experience, which is really motivational and interactive. As the name suggests, its technology creates bespoke and responsive targets for each individual, to provide personal feedback – hence ‘MYZONE’. MYZONE’s t-shirt can also easily be worn as an outer gym top as well as a base layer for outdoor and extreme sports, which is at the very cusp of wearable tech.

TM: MYZONE clothing contains some seriously powerful technology, how have you kept on top of such a rapidly developing industry?

DW: It’s taken years of experience to develop the MZ-3 – and believe me, it’s not always been a smooth process. Crucially, the hard work and hours we’ve taken to develop it has made it the product it is today. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology is also key.

TM: What does the MyZone app allow users to do?

DW: The MYZONE app has its own social media network, where you can follow friends, analyse workouts, then ‘like’ or comment on their efforts. The app also logs your activity history so you can keep a lasting record of what you did and when, this is great if you’re on a training programme or want to track your progress over time. There’s also Facebook and Twitter integration too, just in case you want to share your efforts with an even wider world.

TM: How does the MYZONE rewards system work?

DW: MYZONE rewards effort not just fitness, which ultimately motivates you to work harder because you’re effectively working against yourself not anyone else. It creates a handicap for every user, based on their maximum heart-rate, allowing you to gain MEPs (MYZONE Effort Points) as you work in different heart-rate zones. Through this you reward scheme you gain points and work your way up the monthly leaderboard – the friendly competitiveness is good fun!

TM: How have you made the complex data found in health tracking tech simple for users?

DW: We’ve developed MYZONE for ease of use – we wanted to provide wearable with data that is meaningful and easy to understand. To do this we’ve focused on the most important data –heart rate, calories burnt, and created a point system that is not only motivational, but also meaningful because it aligns with the World Health Organisation. The app is also intuitive and clear for users.

TM: Thanks Dave!

If you are interested in giving the MyZone line a try, check out the website for more information.


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