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Major security flaw puts Andriod users at risk

Major security flaw puts Andriod users at risk Image: Google

Here we go again! A number of potentially catastrophic breaches within the security software running on Android phones may allow dastardly hackers to access the entirety of a smartphones data.

A discovery by Check Point, a digital security firm, highlighted a number of severe vulnerabilities hidden within Android chipsets from Qualcomm. So far there have been no reports of the information being used against Android phones, but Check Point warns that we may see attacks begin in the next “three to four months”.

As Qualcomm is currently the worlds leading LTE chipset desginer, concerns revolve around not only Android phones, but other tech from the company that may contain the same backdoors. Check Point has warned that any Android device using Qualcomm chipsets is at risk.

So far it has been determined that usage of a “malicious” app would be the first step in targeting one of four major vulnerabilities, and require no special permissions to use. Essentially you wouldn’t receive any warning that your data was being swiped.

Qualcomm isn’t standing idly by, and it is believed that a number of quiet patches and fixes have been uploaded to millions of phones to cover the breach. Michael Shaulov, head of mobility product management at Checkpoint, recommends that you avoid downloading any apps of software that doesn’t come directly from the official Google Play store.

Check Point has also released a scanning app that helps you to discover if you are in fact vulnerable to the possible breaches. Google will be working on a number of hotfixes, which will hopefully begin rolling out shortly. Until then safety is the biggest concern for the moment, and caution is recommended until the current problems are deemed resolved.


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