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Millions of Galaxy Note 7’s recalled

Millions of Galaxy Note 7’s recalled

What’s the one thing you don’t want your phone to do? If you answered ‘explode’, then you might want to give Samsung’s latest phablet a miss.

After numerous reports of the phones exploding during charging, Samsung has offered early adopters the opportunity to replace potentially dangerous models. A small fault with the lithium batteries was causing dangerous battery venting, which could result injury or death if left unchecked.

The cost to the company will be significant, considering it must ensure all faulty phones are returned, checked for errors and broken models replaced, but Koh Dong-jin, the president for mobile business, assures followers that “what is most important is customer safety”.

The most surprising aspect of this report is that very few cases of fires have been reported worldwide, but Samsung is taking the hit without hesistation. Good for them!

Reports of the damage came in slowly, but once images and videos were uploaded regarding the damage, plus consumer reports on a number of different social media sites, Samsung had to start paying attention.

This wouldn’t be the first time good old lithium ion batteries have caused issues, as you may remember the frenzy around Hoverboards setting on fire after poorly made lithium batteries began to crack, venting extremely hot and flammable materials into very combustible environments. Long story short, lithium ion batteries are out to get you.

Manufacturing issues like these happen all the time when dealing with mass produced tech, but usually they tend to be a tad less…’deadly’. This will certainly hurt Samsung deep in the wallet, but is unlikely to sour public relations due to their quick response and solid customer service.

If you have a Galaxy Note 7 somewhere in your house right now, make sure your door is locked, any sharp objects are hidden and you still have your receipt, because it might just be coming for you.


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