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Mobile Music: The top 5 best portable speakers

Mobile Music: The top 5 best portable speakers

With summer sneaking closer and closer we have to start thinking of the hard work and challenges ahead. Namely pool parties, staycations and road trips, if you live in a 1990’s frat house that is. But how will you get your humongous boombox to Chad at the pool party, will the lack of killer jams and gnarley riffs be the end of summer forever? Well fear not you bizarrely out of place cliché, we are on the case, ready to find you the coolest speakers that will bring life back to any gathering, no matter where it may be.


1)Audio Pro Addon T3: £164.95

addont3_700x425_07ok_69819__01_584x355 Mobile Music: The top 5 best portable speakers

Teeney tiny and with a serious battery lifespan to back it up, the Pro Addon T3 is an awesome tool to ensure there is always an elegant solution to any audio related crisis. With deep bass and excellent treble control, the T3 can keep playing for up to 30 hours. Also it looks like a screaming face, so that’s cool.


2)KEF Muo: £214.99

img_3 Mobile Music: The top 5 best portable speakers

The Muo is a small piece of tech mastery that combines high quality audio with Bluetooth to create highly mobile sound system. Featuring dual 2.0 Uni-Q drivers and a complex bass system that dominates the sound in any room, the Muo lets you stream high quality music from up to up to 33 feet away.


3)PURE VOCA: £69.99

vocacutout-embargo10am03112014 Mobile Music: The top 5 best portable speakers

With two 1.5-inch 5W speakers, Bluetooth connectivity and a discount price, the Voca is an excellent music platform. You can easily get up to 10 hours of battery life with the device, and can even double as a loudspeaker with the inclusion of a built-in microphone and call buttons. Nifty!


4)SONY SRS-X5: £149.99

71rbzP6yFhL._SL1200_ Mobile Music: The top 5 best portable speakers

Sony knows how to get the best sound possible out of their speakers, even when said speaker is streaming audio wirelessly. The SRS-X5 is a beast of a device, surprising considering how small the end product turned out to be. With around 8 hours of battery on full volume setting, its hard to look away from this solid choice.


envayamini-2 Mobile Music: The top 5 best portable speakersCheap, cheerful and tiny, the Envaya Mini is a funky looking dream for those with music on the mind. Its a speaker for the rugged, thrill seeking and clumsy partier. The Denon Envaya Mini pushes at the limits of how big and bold a sound you can get out of a speaker that will fit into your hand. It’s cute, practical and delivers a sound that’s far bigger and more powerful than you have any right to expect given its price.


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