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Nintendo’s new console may be coming sooner than you think

Nintendo’s new console may be coming sooner than you think

Nintendo’s new console, the NX, has remained hidden in speculation since we got wind of it. Acting as a big risk for the company after disappointing sales of the Wii U, the NX is speculated to not be a single device, but two. It could also be arriving some time this year, if estimates are to be believed.

According to Japanese company Macquarie Capital Securites, who released a report on the matter recently, we could expect the NX to be both a handheld device for 2016 and a fully fledged console in 2017. This is not exactly a stretch, considering the success of Nintendo’s DS portable gaming device, which has sold approximately 150 million units worldwide. Furthermore, with reference to the Wii U’s tablet connectivity, both devices may be acting as partners to enhance the experience. This could simply follow on from the example set by the Wii U tablet, which incorporates augmented reality features during gaming. The company went on to speculate a price for the portable version, around $200 or £140, but no home console cost is to be found within the report.

One of the more interesting additions is the suggestion that the console could possibly be compatible with Smartphones, PCs and even other consoles. This would be an interesting turn of events, as many had expected the future consoles from the company to offer non-competitive options on the market, even possibly dropping hardware altogether after the Wii U’s perceived failure. There is no denying that trying to keep up in the console world has been hard for the company, who made their name by offering a radical alternative to the titanic conflict between Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo is know for their characters and games more than they are for their technical offerings in the last few years, and with the NX possibly resembling a peace offering for the two warring giants, we could see something unprecedented begin to occur in the industry.

While these reports are purely speculation until we hear from Nintendo directly, it would seem that these early predictions are in many ways extremely plausible. The company has not benefited from attempts to keep up with rapidly changing standards in graphical quality, online play and performance, but still remain one of the most beloved gaming companies around. Whatever they choose to do in the future, we know one thing for sure. Nintendo has some difficult choices ahead, and we pray they make the right ones.


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