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Tech of the Week: Sky Q

Tech of the Week: Sky Q

According to people who have a handle on good old statistics, the average person spends 9.5 years watching TV during their life, so the platform we use must become increasingly adept at fitting comfortably within the modern lifestyle. Sky has been behind a number of clever twists on the traditional viewing experience, but now they may have unleashed their ‘piece de la resistance’. That would be Sky Q.

Sky Q is founded upon the idea that people can’t be restricted to the living room to watch TV anymore, surrounded by others hogging the remote and demanding that Bride Wars takes priority over QI (the heathens). Recordings can now be whipped around the household to different screens and even a tablet, so that Game of Thrones episode you keep meaning to get back to will follow you around like a particularly violent monkey on your back.

What is more important is Sky Q’s revamped interface, which allows up to four recordings at a time while you sit back and enjoy something else. With Ultra HD-ready viewing and 2TB of storage, there is no excuse not become the ultimate couch potato as you enjoy a huge amount of content, when you feel like it that is.

The box can become a wifi hotspot, using a 5GHz band so as not to interfere with other applications. The box will be able to work around poor connectivity, even accessing power lines to keep things running smoothly. At this point we might as well brand the company as a gaggle of witches who should be subjected to minor dunking for their electrickery.

Finally, you get a nifty touch controller that allows precise swiping through menus and thankfully, the ability to accurately fast forward/rewind any show you are watching. This should come as a godsend to those who have suffered a violent retribution for overshooting the latest episode of American Horror Story directly into a big fat spoiler. But the coolest addition has to be they way Sky Q handles lost remotes, where simply pressing a button on the hub will alert you to a rouge device with a high pitched whine. Although, thinking about it now, hiding the remote from a loved one with a horrible taste in viewing choices has just become a nightmare.

Sky Q is available to buy now with pricing starting at £42 per month and a choice of bundles, so we recommend you get on the next step towards the future of television.


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