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Experts agree: Sexbots may be a threat to human existence

Experts agree: Sexbots may be a threat to human existence Image: Blade Runner

Since man first piled rocks onto sticks in order to form the very first tools, machines if you will, we have always wondered when we’ll finally be able to have sex with them. “Soon” is the answer.

Joel Snell, Kirkwood College’s very own expert in robo-sexuality, has highlighted that the rapid advance of sophistication in robotics means that we could very well see a drastic change in how humans interact between the sheets.

The boring, messy and often disappointing act of human-on-human lovemaking could be replaced by the practice of dry humping your personal, and unfortunate, love bot, if trends continue.

Sexual programming is believed to become be a common practice, defining conduct, kinks and more for our washing machine/Christina Hendricks lookalike. Mr Snell further discussed, while potentially rubbing clammy sweat away from his forehead and licking his lips threateningly, that the practice of robo-love could very well become addictive, and threaten the very stability of birth rates.

Furthermore, the reality of committed relationships and robotics may result in the start of robot marriages as early as 2050. People marry cars, so don’t expect anything different here.

Ian Yeoman (a futurologist) and Michelle Mars (a…sexologist…yeah) of the University of Wellington managed to take the idea into dystopian sci-fi territory by suggesting that Amsterdam’s notorious red light district could see all human sex workers replaced by automatic lovers instead. We hope there are extensive cleaning instructions included.

The benefits of such a change are obvious. No STD’s, governmental regulations to ensure safety and security, no risk of abuse to human sex workers and a cheaper service for millions of perverts around the world.

But, Dr Kathleen Richardson, a researcher focused on defining the ethical use of robots at De Montfort University, warns that it could be very bad for our mental health:

“One of the first impacts of something like sex robots would be to increase human isolation, because once you try to tell people that they don’t need other human beings any more, one of the consequences of that is more isolation,”

So please, be responsible when falling deeply in love with your toaster.


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